Crackle Plaster is easy…

A simple way to make some crackle bases! Check it out!

The Monk's Cave

What is Crackle Plaster?  It is a plaster that is designed to crack when it dries.  I wanted to try this because I have always wanted to rebase my High Reclaimer list.

IMG_20140309_184822470Here it is.  I got it at Micheal’s.  It is easy to track down coupon that give 45% or more, off the perchase of one item.  A game company has a similar product. What I got for under $10 would have cost me over $80 from the high priced brand.  After doing over 40 bases, I still have way over 80% of the tub left.  I am pretty sure you could do 200 to 300 base with this tub…

First thing is to fill in the base slot in the 30mm and 40mm bases.  I used masking tape.  Trimmed it up with a good knife.

The it is time to play with the mud.  Just take a craft…

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