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The Road to the Capitol Palette and Nova Open has begun…

Last week I put out a poll and asked for suggestions for a model to paint and enter in the 2014 Nova Open Capitol Palette/Crystal Brush.

In the end there were 2 clear front runners (which a seemingly last minute push for the Deathjack to tie it for second place) between the Dark Eldar’s Razorwing Jetfighter and the O-Yoroi TAG from Infinity.

I called an audible.  So what did I end up going with?

Dark Eldar Raider

A Dark Eldar Raider.

Yup.  A model that wasn’t even one of the choices.  How very Scooby-Doo of me.

Why this model?

After consulting with some of the painters in my local group, including Plarzoid who is also planning on entering, I had it narrowed down to the O-Yoroi and Razorwing anyway.  After some more discussion, I concluded that the Razorwing was the way to go.  Also it didn’t hurt that our LGS was having a 20% off everything sale this week.  The reason being that the amount of freehand needed for my Yakuza-Bot idea was immense.  Also I thought about getting some 90% done with the tattoos and then sneezing, coughing, loading my brush with too much paint or too much water, or something just once and ruining all I’ve done.  And if that came to pass, you may have seen me on the Nightly News.  So the Razorwing won out.  Only one problem though…

They didn’t have a Razorwing in stock.

But they did have the Raider.  So I texted me wife and asked her what she thought as she’s an impartial eye.  She has zero bias when it comes to my hobby.  Rule of cool is basically all that matters to her.

You can guess her reaction because I bought it almost immediately.

Now what?

Now what indeed.  I’ll have to start collecting the colors I need now.  The only thing I have figured out is that I want to style it like it’s in the middle of an intense raid.  Other than that…I got nothing.

But I’m always open to ideas!

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