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[POLL] Help! I need painting competition model ideas! [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 3/26: I called an audible and picked up a Dark Eldar Raider!  More details to come!]

This year one of my painting resolutions was to enter a painting competition.  Like a full blown one.  This year’s goal is going to be entering in a model into my local convention, the Nova Open’s Capitol Palette.

The problem I’m having is finding the right model.  I have a range of models to choose from as the comp’s not particular to one manufacturer. There’s three divisions:

  • Sci-fi
  • Fantasy
  • Historical

Historical stuff doesn’t interest me, so that leaves Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Warmachine/Hordes stuff counts as Fantasy).  Next is the 3 categories in each division:

  • Small Single
  • Large Single/Vehicle
  • Collection (dioramas, squads, etc.)

First, here’s the gallery of last year’s winners.

Now, what model do I decide to focus on?

I’m leaning towards something that isn’t Privateer Press/Warmachine/Hordes related.  Why, when it’s what I know?  If I did a PP model, it’d ABSOLUTELY have to be a metal one as their plastic is just awful. Just really terribad. It’s a massive pain in the ass to clean and I still feel like I never get it right.  Not a good idea for a painting showpiece.  Next is their model poses, while I love a lot of them, are fairly static.

O-Yoroi TAG, from Corvus Belli
O-Yoroi TAG, from Corvus Belli

My first idea and has been for about a year now, is this O-Yoroi TAG from infinity. Since it’s from the Yu Jing faction’s JSA sectorial (Japanese), I had this idea to just cover it in Yakuza tattoos. That’d be a bunch of freehand though, something I don’t have much experience with. But it’d be visually impressive if I could pull it off.

Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter, from Games Workshop
Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter, from Games Workshop

Next is a Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter from Warhammer 40K. I love the look of this jet. So the idea I had with this is to paint some of it as a space/star scape and some of it as the jet. The idea is to create an effect like it’s entering realspace or de-cloaking. Plus, I’ve never painted a proper vehicle before (I’m not counting warjacks) so it’d be something different.

Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors from Games Workshop
Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors from Games Workshop

This could be for squad (most likely), diorama (sorta likely), or small single (less likely). I’ve always liked the DE line of models. These I would do as Trueborn. I’m just not sure it’d have the proper OOMPH that I’d be going for depending on paint scheme and ultimate layout and what not. But this would have a mix of elements like faces, cloth, and armor and even some areas for a bit of freehand maybe.

For some reason these models have been calling to me lately like a siren song, and I don’t know why…

Cryx Deathjack, by Privateer Press
Cryx Deathjack, by Privateer Press

My only PP model idea would be to make a METAL ( \m/ )Deathjack.  I’ve had this idea kicking around the ol’ noggin for awhile as well.  The amount of metallics kind of puts my off, but this is the most full formed idea as I know the repose I’d do and the base for the most part.  Good opportunity for freehand on his carapace too actually.

Typhon, by Forgeworld
Typhon, by Forgeworld

Last option because I’m drawing a mental block at the moment would be something like this Typhon from Forgeworld. So yeah another 40k model…This would actually probably be the more expensive route unless I can find one on ebay or something.

Well, what do you think?
Got any models you think would be cool for me to paint? Answer below in the poll or sound off in the comments! Thanks everyone in advance!


4 thoughts on “[POLL] Help! I need painting competition model ideas! [UPDATE]”

  1. One thing to think about with the Deathjack is that it’s not very “fantasy” compared to most of the large single models which will probably be entered. That might be good (as DJ will stand out as a different type of model), but could be bad (judges will find it harder to compare to the other entries).

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