[Paint the Target] February 2014 Results!

So this post is a little late.  March 1st happens to be on a Saturday and even though that’s the day I’m composing this results posts, it actually won’t post until March 3rd.  Why? Saturdays are historically the lowest traffic days and I want to make sure as many eyeballs see your guys amazing stuff!

This month, you actually had the option of three targets:

  • A female model
  • A model using some kind of archery
  • A model with a predominately red scheme

So away we go!  Again in no particular order…

Adam's Exemplar Errant
Dmetra’s Exemplar Errant

Demitra over at Khadoran Machine Never Breaks continues the march of the faithful with this Errant.  Just thinking about him painting these is bringing back bad memories of painting mine.  So I salute you!

Rkik's Janissa Stonetide

Rkik’s Janissa Stonetide

Rkik‘s Janissa Stonetide is built like a…brick house!  Ow! She mighty, mighty…

Eiryss 3 FrontNeathleanan submitted our first model to tick all three checkboxes!

Obi’s archress

And Obi submitted our second! Fantastic work on the basing here!

David efeora
David’s eFeora

David brings us his Judicator from last month’s results best friend eFeora!

Marketh know how to get a-head!
Marketh know how to get a-head!

And finally Marketh from me in all his puffy pants glory!


For the Month of March, beware the Ides of March while also painting a model with a bladed implement of death.


Email your submissions to miniarmyhugetimesink [at] gmail [dot] com.  Be sure to specify your online name so that I can credit you accordingly. Please get me submissions by March 31th.  

Note that this is a hard deadline – if I don’t get your submission in time, I’m sorry but it won’t be included in the results post. No exceptions without bribery.


2 thoughts on “[Paint the Target] February 2014 Results!”

  1. This is a really cool idea. There are some really nice models here and I’m inspired to submit for March. I’ve got some Warpborn Skinwalkers set to hit the painting table so they’ll fit the bill nicely. Congratulations to all who submitted above.

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