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[Journeyman 2014] Privateer Press really nailed Skorne…

Because everything about Skorne is torture! Putting them together and painting them especially!

So that’s why I haven’t had near the amount of progress posts I had last year with my Rhyas list, despite this Makeda3 list having less models overall in it.

Week 1 of the Journeyman 2014 season officially kicked off last week, and I’m already WAAAAY behind.  I haven’t got a single unit done…

…but I was able to get some solos and a beast done. Well, the beast is almost done. And the solos need their gems done. But done as in they’re playable at least!

Marketh know how to get a-head!
Marketh know how to get a-head!

Marketh was the first solo done.  He’s a mix of my green and red scheme, so it was my first taste at how it was going to look on something sans armor.  I think his face came out ace.  Oddly enough, it seems like all the faces of my Skorne have been coming out great…and they are probably the thing I spend the least amount of time on.  Marketh was also my first attempt at blacklining, I think ever.  I’m still mulling it over whether I want to extend that to all the rest of the models.

Next was another texture/surface I needed to figure out: Stone.  As three of the models (Ancestrial Guardian and the Exalted Court) in this list are made of it, figured it was time to give it a go.  This is basically all drybrushing of the colors used in the armor after a solid basecoat of Coal Black/Gnarls Green.  It turned out a lot better than I expected for a first attempt, which is great because that’ll really free up some time to keep cranking at more (monotonous) things like the rest of my Praetorian Swordsmen that are really slowing me down.  Below you can see all of the different types of models around each other. I like to snap a picture like this to see if things are meshing well.  The Guardian is better shown in the picture up at the top of this post.

The gang is almost all here...Okay, not really.
The gang is almost all here…Okay, not really.

Last  but not least, the model I spend a disproportionate chunk of my Sunday time on…the Bronzeback Titan! He was originally one of my “test” models for a scheme if you recall, but since that post, I hadn’t touch him at all.  Determined to get some models on the table this week that weren’t proxies, I sat down to crank him out.

MAKE WAY FOR THE..oh crap, he tipped over.
MAKE WAY FOR THE..oh crap, he tipped over.

Viola!  Here he is also almost done.  I have to do final highlights on the bronze, do/finish the silver spikey bits, and there are little details here and there I’m sure I’ll notice need work once I give it the once over again tonight.  But at least I’ll have one beast on the table.

bronzeback back
Here you can see how I incorporated red into him.

Especially happy with the way his bronze back effect came out.  Of course once he is declared done done, he get some better pictures in which to show it all off.

One thing I will be doing with him that I don’t typically do, is sealing.  I’ll be giving this guy a coat of satin varnish hopefully before the next round of games, because their seems to be no good way to handle him without rubbing off or chipping paint.

And chipped paint sends me into a quiet rage.

2 thoughts on “[Journeyman 2014] Privateer Press really nailed Skorne…”

  1. I LIKE the green and the red that you choose to combo with the colors on the scheme. Makes them look both like a normal scheme with a little bit of added color to make it so it is your own. DO you come up with it by doing it on a computer or is it in your head? You need to put the main elephant higher on the base. his TUSKS are very misleading to a player as it is like to get in the way but not have reach. Don’t want to be one of the ones who does the backwards model to get people to get base to base with it right?

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