eReznik art

(CONFIRMED) eReznik spoilers


  • FOC 7, DEF 13, ARM 17
  • MAT 7, P+S 13 w/ Reach & Flame Burst
  • Huge Base, Cavalry rules


  • Terror
  • Takedown
  • Lamentations of the Suffering (non-Magical ranged attacks automatically miss when he is camping a focus)


  • Death March
  • Iron Aggression
  • Creator’s Wrath
  • Lamentation
  • Flesh is Weak (RNG 8 POW 12 AOE 4 Models hit cannot Run or charge?)

Enemy Models in CTRL suffer -2DEF.
When an enemy model in CTRL is boxed by a ranged or melee attack, RFP that model. Place a 4″ AoE on the model boxed and every enemy model under the template takes a POW12 fire damage roll.

Kneejerk Thoughts:

Very good actually.  His feat is amazing. Tons of upkeeps (two of which are SELF), so watch out for Purification, although Lamentation can out right stop that.  With all the RFP he brings, he’ll be an easy one to drop on certain match-ups. Death March is an amazing spell anyway and is even more amazing in Protectorate.  I’ve already got a couple of list ideas brewing in the noggin.

4 thoughts on “(CONFIRMED) eReznik spoilers”

  1. You know that he is on a HUGE base right? How he get through forest or over wall in middle of board? Wish he had SPD of the other huge base legin caster and could go 15″ if he wanted then move away. NOT sold on him think he is a cash cow draw for privateer to take money and give a model that paints well, but not play well like the legin arch angel. Change your post or provide thoughts here okay?

      1. What you not account for is SPD and models on board ALREADY. Played huge bases with my other Menoth and it not as simple as you make it to be. He have models in the front and then the huge base dictates where he will be and can be. Have you used huge base before when other models on board? Where you know that its hard to move. You think that privateer is NOT IN THE BUSINESS to make money? Of course the model will paint well because thats the appeal. Not moving it across a battlefield with other models on it. You agree or you ever use a colossal or battle engine before in your play?

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