Bronzeback Titan wip1

[Journeyman 2014] Another Skorne WIP, this time a Bronzeback Titan

I tend to do a unit model and a warjack/beast concurrently when starting a new army.  Getting those two models done really drives the rest of the progress. So with the Praetorian featured earlier this week and the other warbeasts in my list being more “troublesome” for lack of a better word, that just leaves the Bronzeback.


(All colors are P3 unless otherwise specified)

I started with airbrushing the green armor which came out pretty well.  The color process was something like 50:50 Coal Black/Gnarls Green >> Gnarls Green >> 50:50 Gnarls Green/Iosan Green >> Iosan Green >> 40:60 Iosan Green/Morrow White.  In retrospect, I probably don’t need as many layers, it really helps smooth out the transitions and makes it look a lot more subtle don’t you think?

Next up the skin.  I started with a base coat of VMC Light Grey. then I made a fairly heavy wash of 1:2 Sanguine Base/Umbral Umber which I slathered all over the skin.I should have got a picture of this step because it REALLY changed the color of the skin to an odd purple/bloody color.  Not at all what I had in mind, so I tried to recapture the light grey by drybrushing the VMC Light Grey all of the skin.  I did this in about 3-4 passes.  Now it’s looking more or less like elephant skin.  I’ll probably be going back and highlighting it a touch more with a tiny bit of white.  Maybe.

bronzeback titan wip 2
Just look at that luscious skin

Last up was the bronze.  This is VGC Brassy Brass.  It takes like 3 coats just to get a nice foundation, but as always I feel like I’m not doing it right or something as it doesn’t seem the smoothest.  This part isn’t finished but on the crest I used GW Seraphim Sepia wash which dulls the metal to my eyes.  Next I used the old GW Ogryn Flesh wash around the rivets. This is only on the crest part, the other bronze parts in the image haven’t been washed at all.  I also have a Secret Weapon wash I’m contemplating using on it called ‘Baby Poop’ (no lie).  It’s a gross looking brown/green wash, but I think it would work because of it tying the bronze a bit to the green armor plates.  This part still needs a lot of work.  Gold as never been my strong suite (silver/steel on the other hand).

Something I’m also kicking around and will more than likely end up doing, is blacklining between the bronze edges and the green armor plates to give it all a bit more ‘oomph’.

As always, any comments, questions, suggestions, and criticisms are welcome!

7 thoughts on “[Journeyman 2014] Another Skorne WIP, this time a Bronzeback Titan”

  1. I think the level of contrast on this armor is much better than what you had on the Swordsman. I think you could push it more, but you don’t have to.

    Can’t wait to see these in person!

    1. I agree, but I also wonder if the size of the armor plates is also working in its’s favor. It allows the gradients of the green to show through more. That’s something I’m kind of upset about on the swordsmen. The green looks great on them until I start adding details to complete them.

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