[Journeyman 2014] Praetorian Swordsman test model, need some C & C!

Soon to be bringin' da pain to all the good little warcasters and warlocks.
Soon to be bringin’ da pain to all the good little warcasters and warlocks.

The first of my Skorne models is here.

Behold the first of twelve of these bros.  What do you guys thing?  The Skorne armor takes a long time to do, and I still don’t think it’s 100% to my liking.

Plus I feel like all the smooth blends and gradients I worked to get on the green are hidden by the bronze.

I mean, overall, I like the model and scheme.  I think it came out well, even for a rank-and-file guy. But I guess I’m at the apprehension stage I seem to hit when starting to paint a new army.

Any thoughts you may have are most definitely welcome. Now that I have a completed model, it’s time to be fine-tuning my method and process before moving on to say, Makeda or the Mammoth.

3 thoughts on “[Journeyman 2014] Praetorian Swordsman test model, need some C & C!”

  1. It could be just the pic but that green and duller red together makes him look like a xmas cookie. Maybe use a more dark burgandy red? I assume your trying to jade color green?

  2. I like the green and bronze. Like iWargame, I think the red is too much. Red works great as an accent color with predominant green, used to provide a strong contrast in places. But on this mini there is too much red so you have more of a clashing green/red color scheme.

    I think this is because more or less the scheme is: green armor, red cloth. But there’s actually quite a lot of cloth on this model. At the wider army level I’d also be concerned with that scheme: on models like paingivers or venators there is more cloth and you might have really strong contrast between individual units.

    Maybe: move the red accent to just the belt and have the robe below the waist in a more neutral color? Off-white goes really well with vibrant jade green and can help it pop.

  3. I don’t have a problem with the red and green as a colour scheme, as obviously they’re complimentary colours. I think IWargame makes a good point about darkening the red as it can be overpowering.

    That said, I’m not familiar with the range of Skorne models (I’ve been rather insular with my Orboros) and Border Prince’s comments regarding the wider army’s look do make sense. Even a pale leather colour could look good as it would work nicely inbetween the extremes of the green and red.

    This is purely my ignorance of the model but I’m also thinking that some colour variation on the arms might not go astray. It looks to me like long gloves with armoured bracers over top. Perhaps restricting that vibrant green to just the armour plates might help to give the model more layers.

    Just my thoughts.

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