[Journeyman 2014] In which I learn that painting Skorne is also torture.

The time of this year’s Journeyman is almost here! Countdown one week from today!  Since we can have up to half of our list painted (about 27 points) before the start of the league, I figured it was time to get started on my death elves.

Test model 1. Great face, bad armor.
Test model 1. Great face, bad armor.

I was originally going to go with the Malachrite scheme from a past NQ, but after about 3 days of trying to make it work…it just didn’t.  So I scrapped that idea.  

I still like the green with bronze armor and red cloth color scheme idea I had going, so I decided to follow that through.

The face I feel came out really well. Just maybe not the color choice.  I wanted to do something a little on the cooler side of the spectrum to avoid it looking to much like normal human-y flesh.  Just not sure the purple meshes well with the other colors.  Something I’ll try on the next one is a blue glaze instead of purple.

But before I started over, I decided to try one other idea I had, giving them warpaint.

Praetorian warpaint test

I like it…but I don’t know if I’m in like with it…maybe it’s the purple skin clashing with it, maybe I should have painting it on with the base and then done the glazes?  I’m not sure the proper answer right now, but I’m pretty sure something like this will end up on the end product, whatever that may look like.

Going back to the drawing board on the green armor, here’s my second test model:

Praetorian Test Model 2: The Jade...n...ing...?
Praetorian Test Model 2: The Jade…n…ing…?

Note that the green now has a much more jade like quality that I am liking.  However, painting them this way presents a problem…painting metallics, my archnemisis.  As you can see, with this route, I’d have to paint the bronze parts separately.  This is pain (heh) staking work as I don’t want to mess up any of my green parts.  Especially when it comes time to wash (as you can see on the picture, some of the wash did just that).  I worry that this will cut into my time.

I am shooting to have the Praetorian Swordsmen and maaaaaybe the Paingivers done by the start of the Journeyman, otherwise the first week or so will see me using proxy bases, something I don’t like, but with the way I paint, it may be the only answer.  Any Skorne painters out there have any tips to share?

And what do you think of the skin and warpaint idea?

Give me a piece of your mind (mmm your delicious, delicious mind...).

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