Circle Falconer lesser Warlock Concept art

Didn’t watch the 2014 Privateer Press keynote? Here’s the highlights!

Didn’t catch the 2014 keynote at Templecon?  Don’t have time or weren’t about to watch the video?  I got you covered brahs.

Read on!

Warmachine:Tactics Update

  • Still in progress but about 50% done
  • Large Orgoth presence in Video Game (Feels like Vikings/Mayan/Aztec combined)
  • Everything looks visually very well done, but no real updates on gameplay
  • They told us they love us…

 Iron Kingdoms

  • New book called Unleashed, essentially the Hordes edition of the IKRPG.  It is a separate rules system, but fully compatible with IKRPG.  Apparently it has a very wild, feral feel.

 Hordes: Exigence

  • Next Hordes book
  • Helga the Conqueror – Pig Caster
  • Xerxes2 – Xerxes riding a rhino.  Is a 120mm base (so Skorne Battle Engine Caster)
  • Jagga Jagga – Gatormen Warlock
  • New Legion character warbeast – Nephilim for Saeryn & Rhyas with 2 affinities dependent upon which twin (and let me add to this: HELL YES!)
  • Gatormen Battle Engine – Massive Stone Temple/Pillar pushed by gigantic albino gators.  Gathers souls of enemies/friendlies regardless of who kills them
  • Farrow Battle Engine – The Meat Thresher. Think of an Ork Battlewagon with a giant grinder on the front.
  • Warbeast Packs – Cross between warbeast/unit.  “Lesser” lesser warbeasts. Count as units and warbeasts. No damage spiral,  each model has a damage track.  Use Fury that go on the leader of the pack, can’t be forced beyond the unit max size.
  • Lesser Warlocks for factions, no built in battlegroup but limited in choices but some do include discounts on certain types of beasts (pyre trolls, griffons, etc)
  • Circle one visually is awesome (the Falconer) and is Griffon focused
  • Trollblood one focuses on Pyre/Slag trolls and is a character
  • Legion lesser warlock is visually awesome (or this could have actually been eAbby, but they flashed the image as they were talking about the Lesser Warlocks)
  • Possible character Satyr beast for Circle was shown

 Level 7

  • New Boardgame Level 7:Invasion
  • No game details


  • Cephalyx are a Merc contract
  • Play “very Machiavellan” – Elite leaders commander expendable troops
  • Some troops are walking arcnodes that the leaders can shoot spells out of and destroys them in the process
  • Very focused on pyschic powers, taking over minds, etc.
  • UA that can attach to any small/medium base Merc Unit (doesn’t have to be Cephalyx) and takes control of their mind
  • Their “jacks” are living models, called monstrosities, don’t have a cortex, have a brain system.  Don’t count as warjacks
  • Have a damage grid
  • Low defense (DEF 10), medium armor (ARM17), full damage grid (36 boxes). Shown on a card.
  • None of them cost above 7 points, aggressively costed
  • Subduer (net and spear), Wrecker (2 [reach]wrecking balls), and Warden (caster protector)
  • First caster has Focus 8, can turn monstrosities into arc nodes, and feat manipulates enemy models (sounded like movement)
  • Sounds like they will play like pirates, lots of powerful solos that buff your infantry that is pretty generic
  • Available at Lock n Load

That’s all of it.  Anything you’re particularly excited about? My love for Rhyas and the Nephilim Soldier is well know so a character beast version that looks like it’s wielding dual swords is so, so very money.

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