[Paint the Target] January 2014 Results!

Welcome to the first results post of the 2014 Paint the Target season!

(I’m working on getting a better banner image…)

A number of you sent in your results this month (more than I was expecting in all honesty), with the target being painting a model you received over the past holidays.

Let’s get right into it shall we?

(In no particular order) Leading the pack we have:

David M's Judicator
David M’s Judicator

David M. had heretics roasting over an open fire this holiday, so Reznik Claus rewarded him with a rockin’ Judicator! Judging by the Cyrsis parts strewn about, it’s already gotten to doing it’s dirty work.

Zac Paint the Target January 2014

Local Zac is taking a break from the Creme Puffs to begin on his Legion of Oakblight.  You don’t want to see this Nephilim Soldier when he gets angry…

SheerLunacy DruidsOfOrboros paint the target 2014

The Druids come courtesy of SheerLunacy. Pretty sure they’re pissed about all the trees being cut down in order to be made into Christmas tress…

rkik Rune Bearer

Rkik ARM‘ed himself with this Rune Bearer.  Get it?  Because he buffs ARM…?

Moving on…

Demitra Vigilant Paint the Target 2014

Demitra over at Khadoran Machine Never Breaks finally saw the light and decided to join the True Faith.  In turn, Menoth blessed him with this Vigilant to protect all his valuables.

Obi Cardinal Dominic

Obi submitted Cardinal Dominic from Warzone Resurrection.  Do you get the sword if you on his naughty list or nice list?

Volt_Ron Holt

And here’s my entry.  I received Aiyana & Holt as part of a holiday gift exchange event out local group did.  I was shooting for a dusty gunslinger vibe with Holt here. Where’s Aiyana you ask? Moving on!

Neathleanan phoenix paint the target January 2014

A special mention goes to Neathleanan, who submitted this amazing Phoenix. While it wasn’t a holiday model, I don’t turn away a painted model. Especially when it looks this good.

mugu Paint the target January 2014

Mugu also gets an honorable mention for this Tau battlesuit snowman he painted over the holidays.  While he says he didn’t get an Cryx-mas gifts, he painted this for someone else’s holiday and that’s what really matters!


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I rolled boxcars,

I smash you.

February is the month of love.  This month’s Target is to paint your choice (or one with all three if you’re so bold):

  • A female model
  • A model that uses archery
  • A model with a predominately RED color scheme


Email your submissions to miniarmyhugetimesink [at] gmail [dot] com.  Be sure to specify your online name so that I can credit you accordingly. Please get me submissions by February 28th.  

Note that this is a hard deadline – if I don’t get your submission in time, I’m sorry but it won’t be included in the results post. No exceptions without bribery.


10 thoughts on “[Paint the Target] January 2014 Results!”

  1. Very nice models all round, and a prompt posting of results as well. Great to see the revived Paint the Target off to a running start. Now to figure out what to do for February…

  2. I like all the entries for this challenge. The Phoenix is also my favorite. Very smooth and fine paint work.

    I cant wait to see the entries for the next challenge :). I for myself have already chosen a model.

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