My cup runneth over…

This is why I haven’t had a lot of updates lately…

This past holiday was one of the best yet in terms of hobby loot.  I’ve been so busy with cleaning and prepping all this stuff, I’ve barely put paint brush to model.

  • Flame Bringers
  • Temple Flameguard + UA
  • Idrian Skrimishers + UA
  • Bastions – Working on converting them. Finally.
  • Aiyana & Holt – from our Christmas Rampage event
  • Ten Thuders Archers
  • Gdaybloke’s LHMEEULMC prize – Not pictured. Yet.

I did finally start on Holt last night as my Paint the Target model for this month.  It did feel good to be back in the saddle.  With talks of an early Journeyman League starting up, more is incoming.



One thought on “My cup runneth over…”

  1. That very common point when every hobbyist cup runs over indeed. I have TONS of unpainted miniatures. Wish I could be like some of the guys at the group who paint by the hundreds. Then again, they play Warhammer Fantasy so it is not alien to them to field hundreds of painted units.

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