Introducing Paint the Target in 2014! Enter Now!

It’s officially 2014, and that means resolutions.

Many a hobbyist starts the year, bright eyed and eager to attack that backlog of projects that continuously seems to build and  build until it finally consumes them and their loved ones.

NAY I SAY TO THEE IN 2014!  We shall fight back against the  rising tide of metal and plastic!

For 2014, I’d like to bring back arguably one of my favorite monthly features of the (now defunct) Lost Hemisphere blog: PAINT THE TARGET!

Stop making those lofty New Year Resolutions and Paint pledges you can’t keep.  Let’s take it chunk by chunk!

RULES: At the beginning of each month, I give you a target (for instance, paint a model with a ranged attack), you paint said target.  Email me pics by the end of the month and I’ll make a big gallery for all to see.  Random prize draws may also be had every once in awhile.  I’ll have to check my coffers first though…

Although my readership is mostly Warmachine/Hordes related, I’m opening this up to any game.  Bring on those Infinity, Malifaux, or 40K models as well!


I do believe Cryx-mas has recently come and gone…For the first challenge, an easy one:

Paint a model you received as a gift over this past holiday.


(This last bit I’m cribbing from LH)  

Email your submissions to miniarmyhugetimesink [at] gmail [dot] com.  Be sure to specify your online name so that I can credit you accordingly. Please get me submissions by January 30th. Note that this is a hard deadline – if I don’t get your submission in time, I’m sorry but it won’t be included in the post. No exceptions without bribery.

15 thoughts on “Introducing Paint the Target in 2014! Enter Now!”

    1. You got an Iron Fang UA just like I got a Vigilant, which is what I plan to paint.

      Great idea to breath some life back into Paint the Target. It was a great prod to get me painting, something I really should get back to.

    1. Submit one anyway and I’ll throw it in the honorable mentions!

      I’m being a bit lax this month do to it being the first month I’m doing this.

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