[Infinity] The Gorgos has arrived!

Stats and forums be damned, I’m getting this.

I loved that it’s basically a hulked-out Ectros (my fave Tohaa model) with a Chaska bro.

Can’t wait for these reinforcements to arrive!


7 thoughts on “[Infinity] The Gorgos has arrived!”

  1. No kidding. Love this model. And it isn’t bad in the game. It’s good. Can be punked by fire, but also have 1 more wound than most TAGs and having a Chaksa servant model is sweet.

  2. I like the model because it reminds me of the old school gargoyle. I’m talking way back from the Paleozoic ages. Do you plan to post pictures of the model once you’ve painted it? Are you taking suggestions on paint schemes for this guy? I think that red and green like the Australian outback would look amazing. I’m also partial to a more Zoolander aesthetic by going with all black and a little bit of teal to bring out the gargoyle-like maw. Let me know if you want to discuss paint schemes. A model this gargoyleon (is that a word man?) is too cool to do a normal paint scheme on unless you want it lost in the dark forest of other models and scenery galore.

        1. Ever thought about doing an all white scheme on it? I’m talking full on abominable snowman style so it looks like a yeti waiting to pounce on its prey. Maybe you can mod it too and add on some furs so that the person viewing the model understands how it keeps warm. There is nothing worse than the disconnect between man and model after you’ve spent year painting it up. Let me know if this scheme is more to your liking Volt_Ron. I have many more that I can share, but sometimes it’s better to work quickly and efficiently opposed to mulling ideas over until they turn into crystal shards.

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