Tohaa Diplomat

[Infinity] Initial thoughts on Tohaa & Completed Army Pics!

I went with Tohaa as my first (and quite possibly only) Infinity force. Aesthetically, they hit all the right buttons. I haven’t come across a model I don’t like yet, which is a rarity as even though I love my Menoth, there are still models I don’t really care for in that regard (same goes for every faction in WM/H actually). So A+ there.

Tohaa Army
Aw yiss.

Playstyle-wise, so far the Tohaa seem a bit horde-ish to me as many lists I build have more than 10 models (conversely, the Haqqislam list I was initially going with was just 8 models if I remember correctly). You can make lists with less by using more Symbiote Armor (again awesome) troops or taking heavier weapon loadouts however.

gao rael sniper

In terms of special rules, they don’t tend to have many on individual models, but they do have some doozies across their army, including the aforementioned Symbiote Armor and Tohaa Triad. The triad rule let’s them link up into teams of no more or less than three. This is huge for order efficiency and flexibility in part because of the way it can also be used to cancel out Impetuous orders (which is on like half of the current models).

Tohaa specialize in viral and fire (ironically also their main weakness) based weaponry.  Viral Close Combat, Viral grenades, Viral Combi-Rifles, and Heavy Flamethrowers abound.  This means that Tohaa can put a serious hurt on the living because of how Viral ammo causes 2 save rolls against a target’s BTS stat which is typically low, bypassing their normal armor.  Now the big problem with all this is the Tohaa’s lack of range, as you’ll usually being looking at the 16-24″ range being optimal.  This sounds like a lot and it is.  In other games that aren’t called Infinity.  The Sniper Rifle they have access to unfortunately does not have the Viral ammo or AP ammo rules.    So be prepared to be consistently out-ranged by opponents.

tohaa hatail spec ops
Special Agent 003.

It’s not all bad as I said before, the Triad rule and abundance of Impetuous troops can really help you close the gap in order to met out some alien justice and mitigates this somewhat.

I’m really looking forward to putting these guys through their paces soon enough and learning all their tricks and intricacies.

And lastly, Makauls are awesome.

Makaul rock sox.
Wreckin’ face.

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