A Massive Undertaking: Repainting my Protectorate.

Thanks for talking me down guys…for now…

Tell me I’m crazy.


My mind wanders from time to time about repainting my Menoth.  If you remember waaay back in 2012,  I waned back and forth concerning how to paint them.  I finally settled on this:

But with a much more red cloak.
But with a much more red cloak.

Exhibit A:

eFeora @ 15pts
Damn, I LOVE this picture.

Problem is, I’m not so sure I like it as much as I did before…The black is a bit flat which is all on me as I was a bit of a novice still. Looking at my reference pic, I see the black has tinges of purple which I should have really used.  But I love the color variety i used which helped stave off some of the tedium of the black.

So what do I want to paint them now?  

Arrrgh why must you tempt me so!
Arrrgh why must you tempt me so!

Yup, I go back to my Golden Army scheme idea.  In all honesty, I should how gone with it as this urge keeps on coming back.  But I’ve painted SO.DAMN.MUCH of my Menoth already…do I really want to throw all that work down the drain?  And what about some of the bigger pieces like my beloved Vessel of Judgement and Judicator?!  

Maybe I could arrange for an army swap on bartertown or something, my painted for unpainted?  Arrrgh I just don’t know…Someone talk me off the ledge please.


8 thoughts on “A Massive Undertaking: Repainting my Protectorate.”

  1. Step away from the edge Sir. Seriously don’t do it. You’d get fed up before you were halfway through the repaint. Instead buy some more models or dig some I’m sure you’ve already got in your metal mountain (we all have). Good luck and stay strong

  2. 2 questions. Where do you get you crack and how much of it did you smoke? Use that energy to want to re-paint into another faction of some sort. It seems silly to use bartertown for the same faction. I think your old paint scheme just needs a better red. I think if you went 1-2 shades lighter with the red the overall composition of the scheme would pop out much more. Use that same red you have on the crotch guards (on the jackes) also on their shoulder pads.

  3. As is my nature (or so I’m told), I take a middle stance or a compromise as it were. Assuming you have any Menoth left to paint, paint a unit and/or a warjack or two in the new scheme and see how you like it. Once you see it IRL, you may not like it as much. Now, if you decide that you do like it, don’t go hog wild and strip all the models with the old paint scheme, strip them one unit/solo/warcaster/warjack at a time and paint the one you just stripped. That way you still have a (fully?) painted army to use, don’t get discouraged too quickly (or if you do, you haven’t wasted all your time), and don’t bite off more than you can chew, especially with the new Warmachine book coming out next year. Not to mention your Infinity models, Relic Knights (assuming those ever show up), or any other *newshiny* models that catch your eye.

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