Foodmachine 2013!

Rhyas & the Rearguard @ foodmachine 2014
Rhyas & the Rearguard @ foodmachine 2014

This past Saturday was our annual Foodmachine tournament, hosted by local PG Plarzoid.

This also saw my (triumphant?) return to Warmachine after 2+ months out of the game.  I decided to bring my Rhyas Rearguard list because 1) it is 100% painted and 2) it is hella fun to play.  Unfortunately this year, possibly due to a change in date or maybe other things going on, turnout was much lower than last year.  Thus we only had a two round event. Still good times though, and awesome prize support as well!

Regardless, here’s how I did PLUS a gallery!

  1. My first game went against the man that run the Khadoran Machine that Never Breaks…except that he ran Legion for this event…both Vayls specifically.  I went up against pVayl and a mess of beasts.  I continue to be terrible at picking my Prey targets with my Warspears as this time I declared it against his Striders. Before he even deployed them…Stupid, stupid, stupid.  He fed me that delicious Typhon early, and then I cleaned up on feat turn by placing Rhyas pretty much way up the center of the board (see pics) and ensuing all my models could take advantage of my feat.  I fly my trusty Nephilim Soldier into Vayl and almost ended her…rerolls and a spare transfer saved her.  I was able to cover myself with warspears enough to ward off a potential assassination attempt on Rhyas with her DEF 18 on the hill saving her from shooting and only remaining beast (Seraph) not being able to seal the deal after leaving Rhyas with around  half her boxes if I remember correctly.  Next turn, I had to do some minor mopping up so I could send Rhyas charging in to score a Crit: Decap.
  2. Second game was against Danny, probably our most competitively minded local, who put down Mortenebra (!!! If you knew Danny, you’d understand my surprise) and a Kraken.  This game was a short one because I thought I had a wild turn two assassination that I probably wouldn’t have gone for in an actual tournament setting, but for funsies, sure why not?  It involved slingshotting my Scythean into the Kraken and then reaching over to Mortenbra with six possible MAT8 POW17 attacks.  If it worked it would have been AWESOME for me, a true Mage Hunter style win.  Well, it didn’t work thanks to some poor distance guessing on my part (I was about half an inch away!).  I did have a back up with the Nephilim Soldier again, but that also failed, leaving Mortenbra on like 6 or so boxes.  As you can see from the pics, Rhyas is easy pickings following that.   While packing up afterwards, we noticed that I could have used the DESPERATE cheat in order to pull it off. Dang.
1-1 and still had a great time and the more I play this Rhyas list, the more I love it.  Enjoy the pics!

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