Burn Out: Perspective from a Wargamer

Are you me?! Hence why Infinity has come into the front-burner lately.

Tangible Day

Burn out. The feeling of not wanting anything to do with playing the tabletop war game. It’s a difficult experience to describe, but is likened to the sensation of apathy, of not wanting to go into work on a Monday morning.

Fortunately, I’ve learned through experience and discussions within my local community that it’s a passing phase and we eventually regain that fun/anticipatory buzz of hitting the tables again. Here are my thoughts on phases of the ubiquitous burn out experience.

Burn Out: Perspective from a Wargamer

Pre-Burn Out

The cause of burn out is not firmly understood. It is generally believed that we as human beings seek out pleasurable activities. In this case, our motivation to war game is driven by two major factors:

  1. Social interaction with other fleshly beings
  2. The need to feel successful

In the human brain, according to a vast database of neuroscience research, there is a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine…

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2 thoughts on “Burn Out: Perspective from a Wargamer”

  1. Nice post! I’ve hit gaming and painting burnout before. The last time I hit wargaming gaming burnout was after TempleCon 2011. I used to hit painting burnout after every league as i tried to keep my painting up to reach as many goals as possible, but once I gave up on that (painting that quickly, not the leagues) I havent had painting burnout since then.

    But where I differ is that I dislike to lose contact with the hobby entirely, so I tend to use painting as a salve for wargaming burnout, but I think that may be because I like to paint things other than just PP models as well. But I find that painting a model for my Cryx army make me want to play it, even if its not a model that I will likely use very often. If I paint enough models, then I might peruse the forums for advice on how to best use the model or what lists it works best with.

    I also find computer games to be a good salve as well for burnout. Playing by myself eventually makes me want to get back to wanting to play with fleshy beings again. 🙂

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