tohaa force WIP

Palette Cleansing Time: Tohaa and Infinity!

The future...IN SPAAAAAACE!

I’ve finally taken the plunge into Infinity.  I mean, I’ve only wanted to play it since shortly after taking up WM/H.

I was originally going to roll with Haqqislam (what is it with me and the religious factions) and had a list all picked out, but as luck would have it, another local player that’s into Infinity is trading me his Tohaa (which is new in box). Tohaa was my second/kinda-sorta-first choice for faction anyway, so I quickly took him up on the offer. I love all the Tohaa models shown so far.  Although the ratio of models-I-like to models-I-hate is greatly skewed towards like in Infinity.  I don’t know what it is, but the aesthetics and sculpts press all the right buttons for me.

While I haven’t started on those models yet, I also picked up a box of Makaul Troops to take me up to 250 points.  I started on one of the models immediately to get a feel for color schemes.

tohaa force WIP
…and I can’t wait to start…

I’d like the share what I got so far:

Tohaa Makaul Troop WIP
Tohaa Makaul Troop don’t give an eff.

First a word about the models:  They’re amazing.  Details are super crisp and the size of them took me by surprise.  They seem a bit smaller and more ‘lithe’ that the typical WM/H models (they’re more akin to say, Daughters of the Flame in scale).  Flash is a bit high in places but it’s easily trimmed and (at least on these 4 models) it’s not in a place of fine detail.  Same goes for mold lines.  So far none are across detail packed areas.  In this instance, there was one on his cloak and that’s it.  Also due to the size of them, airbrushing is very hard to do.  That means I’m going to have to re-learn to blend with paintbrush and also something I haven’t done in a while: start to finish with paintbrush.

A size comparison shot between WM, Infinity, and Malifaux.
A size comparison shot between WM, Infinity, and Malifaux.

Now, keep in mind this is very early in the painting process.  This is just one night of painting to be honest with you, so it’s really only the base coats laid down, with a bit more work done on the face and base proper.  I’m thinking of going back and maybe adding a bit more yellow to the base with a very light drybrush just to make it pop more. I may wait until the rest of the model is done however and re-assess at that time. Highlights and blends have not even began to be placed and only the skin as received a wash, which darkened the Menoth White Base I used considerable, and not in a bad way. Heck, all the basecoats aren’t even laid down yet.

One goal I want to achieve with this army is to paint them to a higher degree than my usual since there are basically around only 10 models to a side and each one is an individual/character sculpt.

We’ll see how that turns out.


14 thoughts on “Palette Cleansing Time: Tohaa and Infinity!”

  1. Oh dear, you too. I’ve painted a Tag just for kicks; but I just received More tags and a good starting package of Panoceania’s Military orders. The infinity is Strong in our gaming group too; the miniatures are quite the challenge.

    1. Your Scarface looks awesome!

      I’m kind of spearheading Infinity in our group. Even though we have a pretty good sized WM/H group (about 20ish regulars), there are only about 5 people including me that are interested or have an Infinity army. I’m still super excited to play it though.

      1. Infinity is not a hard game to get people excited by really; It IS a bit difficult to get into rules-wise as everything seems obscure and hard to find; and it would be if it wasn’t for the near perfect Web Army tool. The sectorial armies are a really good idea, I myself am excited about painting the Military orders and I”ve got some MDF buildings and obstacles laser-cut for our club (the best part about sci fi: lotsa angles to cut with a laser)

        1. The terrain is the part I worry about. Where I play doesn’t allow us to store terrain or doesn’t have terrain to borrow. Plus I don’t have any terrain myself (although I’m trying to remedy that situation).

          1. Where do you live exactly? I have family in the US and can send stuff across the border and ask my family to relay through USPS, I’ve been developing Modular cover (It´s laser cut so it´s shipped flat for assembly) as a local brand and Im about to star selling locally. I could send you some; they can be assembled and disassembled.

            1. Let me see what I can cut during the next month and I´ll send some. I´ve got so far:

              Industrial container with options for
              Barricades for soldiers in cover.
              Futuristic Ad screens (2)
              Futuristic Bus stop
              Futuristic Large scale ad with walkway (Although this one is designed to be mounted on the side of a building)

              I´ll upload some images soon, Some can be seen on the Märchen facebook page: (facebook/marchenminiaturas/

  2. Try finishing the base, or at least doing all the dry brushing, first on this guy and see how you like it. It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but I’ve found that I get no paint on the base while doing the feet of a model versus getting approximately all the paint on the feet while doing the base. While you’re at it, give the base that extra bit of yellow you’re contemplating and it should pop like you want it to.

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