Rhyas - The Rearguard Theme Force, Tier 4

[Journeyman 2013] That’s a wrap people!

Rhyas - The Rearguard Theme Force, Tier 4
Rhyas – The Rearguard Theme Force, Tier 4

Another year, another Journeyman League gone.

Tonight is the ‘Awards Ceremony’ for our Journeyman League.  Six weeks of painting and playing games behind me, I now have a fully painted 50 point army (see above) to terrorize the table tops with. Overall, I didn’t win any of the categories but came close in two of them (which was a huge surprise to me), and went 10-6 as far as win-loss record which is the bigger news! With Rhyas. Boom shaka laka naysayers.

The army is a lot of fun to play as it’s very different from my Menoth.  You have to be VERY aggressive with it to get anywhere and always on the look out for assassination opportunities (more so than usual).  FURY management is also a big concern for it with a FURY 5 warlock and two heavies and a light capable of producing 11 fury if you max them out.  Make sure to keep that Shepard safe! Sometimes I wanted/needed Rhyas to have a ranged attack spell, but when all else fails, just apply Rhyas and see where it takes you.  And never look down on Riposte.  I think it killed as many models as Rhyas did charging. Also the beef wall of terror causing Ogruns is fantastic! It’s 12 models totaling 96 health boxes, all at ARM 16-17. It can be a lot to chew through for some people.  Then you have a mess of Swordsmen to clean up the remains.

Surprise MVP? The Nephilim Solider.  He assassinated more casters than either Rhyas or the two heavies.

So what’s next for me?

A break probably.  In actuality, I think it’s time to indulge in some palette cleansing games (like Infinity!).  More on that (very) soon!

10 thoughts on “[Journeyman 2013] That’s a wrap people!”

  1. ¡Congratulations! We’re about to start our first league (a tryout league) at the local gaming joint before taking the plunge. Wargaming is something rather new where I live (and our club is mainly the one spearheading the growth of the hobby locally) so it’s going to be quite the challenge.

    Nice army by the way! I’m a very small painter myself, I can’t bring myself to “just paint them” to field them; I’m kind of obsessive in detailing every darn miniature to (What I think at least) is a bit better than tabletop quality.

    Seeing how are you getting into Infinity; Have you tried Malifaux? It hits a rather sweet spot between wargame and filler game that’s hard to attain. It requires a remarkably little amount of miniatures for it’s depth too.

    1. Thanks! I’m kind of the same with my models, although I’m learning to let that slip a little bit when I do big squads like the swordsmen.

      I haven’t played Malifaux yet, but I did get the Ten Thunders starter box to try it out. I may have missed the boat with that game though as I know it was really popular among our group, but I haven’t heard anyone talk about it or play it since the new edition.

      Good luck on you league! Your models look great, I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

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