The Amazing Lemon Creme Puff Trolls!

I wanted to take a break today from showcasing my Journeyman project in order to showcase another local player’s.

It is my honor to present to you:  The Lemon Créme Puff Trolls!

My good friend Zac has taken a break from his Swans in order to focus on Trolls (and like me take a foray into the Hordes side of the house).  No lie, his trolls are probably in my Top 10 favorite paint schemes, and they look even better in person.

The Pyre Troll is my favorite.  Enjoy the Gallery!


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Lemon Creme Puff Trolls!”

  1. It’s really strange to see Trollbloods in anything other than the canon blue, but I can’t say they look bad; they actually look amazing!

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