Madrak vs Rhyas

[Journeyman 2013] How has Rhyas been treating me?

Madrak vs Rhyas
How does this end?!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately.  I’ve been feverishly trying to maintain a painting pace at which I would be able to field a fully painted list every Thurday for the duration of the Journeyman League.  And lately, it’s been burning me out!

But I take solace in realizing that I only have six models left to complete the Rearguard! Four Swordsmen grunts, and two Warspear grunts.  Well, and eVayl in order to get the “paint 3 warcasters/locks” bonus we have.  That’s it!  A 50 point force in 2 months?!  None too shabby, me thinks.

Anyway, I’ve wanted to share a few links with you guys:

The first of which is from Lost Hemisphere.  I jumped into their Most Epic Extreme Unloved Models Challenge 2013!! or (LHMEEUMC2013 for short) as Rhyas clearly qualifies for that distinction (along with a few other models in the Rearguard like Warmongers) if reading online is any indication.  You can read the rules here, but the main link I wanted to share with you was the thread I created which details my journey thus far.  A lot of the initial pics you’ve already seen here, but the big thing is the mini battle reports I’ve been posting of my games.  Find out how I’ve done with not only (arguably) Legion’s worst warlock, but also (again arguably if online sources are to be believed) one of the worst warlocks/casters in the game!

Second is from Plarzoid’s blog.  The first weekend in order to kick off the Journeyman League, we had a Highlander Death Race tournament.  He’s got some pics up now. I even wore a shirt to match (which wasn’t intentional).  Check them out! (Link goes directly to gallery)

Finally, one more pic before the next big gallery post to hold you over…

Warspear Chieftain
Make way for the Chieftain!!

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