My Top 10 favorite Warmachine/Hordes models

After stating that the Legion Swordsmen Champion is in my Top 10 favorite WM/H models, it got me thinking…what actually are my Top 10 favorite WM/H models?

After some brain-wracking, I think I’ve come up with this list.  Now keep in mind, this is based strictly off of looks, not rules.  Those can be very different things.  Also this is presented in no particular order, even though they are numbered (how else will I count to ten?).  I’m already indecisive enough when it comes to doing these kinds of ‘Top Whatever’ lists, I don’t need to go adding a ranking to them.  I’d much rather just keep my head from exploding.

Any way, let’s check ’em out!

1. Kommander Strakhov

Kommander Strakhov
The baddest ass is all of the IK.

Let’s start with the model that pretty much got me into Warmachine and one of my first painted models.  I remember reading about him on Battlecollege and I instantly thought, “If I played this game, this is who I’d play.”  They I read his fluff.  Game over.  Hands down my favorite model/character in all of the Iron Kingdoms.  Even when I was losing with him, I was never frustrated and always enjoyed myself.  If he ever goes epic, that would be the day I start up Khador again.

2. Torch

Khador Torch
Strakhov’s BFF.

Surprise, surprise. It’s Torch, Strakhov’s personal warjack. Once I saw him, I knew that Khador was going to be the faction I started with, just because I wanted to play and own these two models.  The face, the smoke bombs, the weapon loadout, it all works together to create this amazing silhouette that is uniquely his.  I still think he is grossly ignored on the tabletop, but I’m fine with that.  He’s all mine.  Man, I think I’m going to get these 2 again just to paint and have on my desk.  He is still one of my favorite models that I’ve painted, it’s a shame I had to let him go.

3. Vayl, Consul of Everblight

Feel the cold and wind around her.
Feel the cold and wind around her.

eVayl is a relatively new model, but is already one of my faves.  Her model is just so regal and you can definitely feel the cold wind blowing around her.  There’s a great sense of implied motion in the model that’s inherent in a lot of the models that I tend to like.  I recently picked her up as my third warlock for my Legion, just because of this.

4. Blighted Swordsmen Abbot & Champion

Blighted Swordsmen abbot and champion
The boss (es).

Here’s a two-fer.  The models that inspired this article.  I just love the look of the champion (even more so with the ninja masks I gave them), his armor, the dual swords.  He looks exactly as his namesake inplies.  The Abbot of the other hand is almost the opposite in attitude.  His look and stance is that of a stoic leader.  The old wise man in kung fu movies if you will.

5. Exemplar Cinerators

Bow or burn.

There is nothing more timeless than knights with swords and shield.  Now take that, and give them flaming swords.  Decked out in equally ornate armor, this unit looks incredibly impressive on the table.  Only time will tell if they get a Seneschal to fix their (perceived) weakness on the tabletop (my money is on yes).

6. Lord Exhumator Scaverous


OMFG.  Just look how evil this bastard looks. Gaspy may be the leader of the Cryx empire, but Scaverous is the one I would never want to meet.  He looks like death personified in the Iron Kingdoms.  It also doesn’t help that his title is basically ‘Lead Grave Digger’.  This model is packed to the grim with details, things like the insect-like mandibles of his chest.  Oh and he wields what is essentially a chainsaw scythe.

7. Pureblood Warpwolf


I swayed back and forth on either this model or Ghetorix.  Originally Ghetorix was the model that made me what to start a Circle army, but once I got the new plastic warpwolf kit in my hands, it was the Pureblood that sealed it for me.  The armored face, the spikes protruding from the skin, and most importantly it was his menacing pose.  I just imagine him slowly lumbering up to you while you are exhausted from the chase, collapsed on the ground and back-peddling in fear.  Saliva dripping from his mouth, his eyes ablaze in the moon light, a deep, low growl coming from him.  *Cut to black*

8. Satyxis Blood Witches

Especially the leader.

I put the whole unit on here because I do love all the sculpts (even the Blood Hag) and I even love their rules, but in particluar it’s the Unit Leader that is my favorite.  I like her sculpt so much, I bitz ordered it to turn it into an IKRPG character.  I have no idea what yet, but I’ll make one around it.  It’s such a commanding pose here.  Space Marines have been doing the pointing thing for ages, but here it seems fresh because you know whatever she is pointing at, her sisters are going to be leaping from the shadows (or blood mists) to murderate.

9. Judicator

The fightin’ Cathedral.

My love for the Judicator is well documented on this here blog, so I don’t think I need to elaborate on it further.  Basically is a kickass, walking cathedral that introduces heathens to their makers.  Sure he lacks some of the bells and whistles rules-wise of the other collosals…but like Dr. Zed says, “Who needs fancy storm-pods when you got style?”

10. Ashlynn D’elyse

A flag bearer…with a weapon?!

Last but not least, the newly resculpted Ashlynn.  Now, I’m not big on the Mercs aesthetic at all, but I gotta give it up for this model.  It fits her fluff so much. I can just hear the epic music playing, flag waving in the air as she raises her sword up in defiance.  All of this is in slow-motion by the way.

What are your favorite models?  Let’s discuss why you’re wrong in the comments!

2 thoughts on “My Top 10 favorite Warmachine/Hordes models”

  1. I think my top ten would be:
    (1) Lord Exhumator Scaverous
    (2) Lanyssa Ryssyl
    (3) Epic Skarre
    (4) Ashlynn D’elyse (Resculpt)
    (5) Satyxis Raider Captain
    (6) Wrong eye
    (7) Clockwork Angels
    (8) Grimm Angus (both)
    (9) Archangel
    (10) Skorne Mammoth or extreme titan gladiator

  2. Strakhov has a particularly impressively sculpted weapon if I may say so. You’ve just inspired me to paint him up; I’ve had him for quite a while and I haven’t ever fielded or painted him (friends have fielded my model but not myself, so he’s all primed and ready). I would love to get the torch but I’m not sure if I want to build another upgrade kit warjack. I already have a heavily magnetized Black Ivan which can swap the standard pieces from the heavy kit, not sure if I would like to do that again; thought it was fun.

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