swordsmen champion and leader

[Slow Grow 2013] Legion Swordsmen

Initial Test Model.
Initial Test Model.

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a witty post title.  I have failed you *seppuku*.

As my last post suggested, I’m beginning to work on my swordsmen interspersed between other model to try and soften the, what I guess can described as, monotony of painting a full sized twelve man unit.  I didn’t have a super clear picture in my head of how I wanted them to be painted, just that I wanted to have something in between my Shepard and my Warmongers.  The model you see above is the initial test model…

Click on for more up to date pics…

The silver metal didn’t come out my best, but good enough for a model which has four of these particular sculpt so it’ll even out.  I tried to incorporate some more gold in the scheme which I think is the wrong idea.  It should just be for the sword blade and nowhere else as it really diminishes the effect the blade has.  Same with the red of the scabbard and hilt.  On the hilt it makes the sword striking (forgive the pun), but on the scabbard it becomes some thing more akin to one color too many.  Changes needed to be made.

With some slight adjustments...
With some slight adjustments…

Here you can see the biggest change is the scabbard to the purple of the pants and mask.  Already it feels more in tune with the rest of the model.

swordsmen champion and leader
I love the Swordsmen Champion.

Aaaand, finally I couldn’t wait on starting the Swordsmen Champion.  The Champion and Abbot are probably in my Top 10 favorite WM/H models.  I think by this point, my metal process is set in stone (?) and I am happy with the way it comes out.  Very happy with the way the Champ is coming out so far, feel like I’m really doing this badass justice.   Still debating whether to do his bracers in the silver metallics as well and it’s the route I’ll likely end up at, but since it looked different from the normal swordsmens, it gave me pause.

Oh and here is one last picture of the whole gang so far.  I like to do this every once in awhile just to make sure all the models are meshing together.  Still the odd highlight needed on the bone parts here and there on the Ogruns and the Swordsmen pictured are obviously not done, but so far, not bad.

legion as of 6-24-13
Aw yiss.

Thoughts, comments, critiques? Sound off in the comments!


3 thoughts on “[Slow Grow 2013] Legion Swordsmen”

  1. I like em. I am not sure about the purple wraps, I might do straight black or a brighter color. But that is just a personal taste thing. Look forward to seeing more progress.

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