min warmongers and shepard (1)

[Slow Grow 2013] “Warmongers.” “Shepard.”

Warmongers (min unit) and the Shepard are finally on bases, and what I consider my first ‘completed‘ models for my Legion of Everblight Rearguard.

Still not that happy with how the bases are coming out, but the peeps on the forums seem to like them, so I guess they’ll stay that way.

I really love how these guys came out and I think the new blue I used on the skintones is the key to that.  I still have the other two left to max out the unit, but for now, I’m focusing on getting the rest of the bases ready as I don’t like when I finish painting a model and don’t have a base for him.  It’s kinda demotivating as they never feel done until they are on a base.  At the moment, they are in the (slow) process of getting layer after layer of water effects.

What do you guys think?  C + C is always welcome.  In the mean time, working on Swordsmen!  These 12 man small-based units always slow down my momentum and drive, that’s why I intend on getting them started and done sooner rather than later.  After 12 dudes, a 5 man unit should seem like a breeze!


4 thoughts on “[Slow Grow 2013] “Warmongers.” “Shepard.””

  1. Looking good, but don’t forget the arc markings. Also prepare yourself for the fiddly hand to come off the Shepherd, for the staff to bend around like a pretzel, or both. Why PP made a model that will see so much table time so wimpy is beyond me.

    1. I’ve never been a huge fan of arc markings as I think they pop out too much on the model, making them more distracting. I am toying with an idea for them like this that I think is more subtle. Of course, that will all come once the whole army is painted up as I’d do it in a batch.

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