[Slow Grow 2013] Slow, slow progress…

Legion Swordsmen WIP
You won’t slow me down this year!

Last night I finally got some more progress on painting my Legion.  Lately its been all prep work which is easily my least favorite part of the hobby.

I was able to prime Typhon (the most annoying model ever to assemble), some remaining Warspears and loose models, and the rest of my bases I picked up from Secret Weapon (more on those in a bit).

As you can see, I laid down the skintones on most of the swordsmen (the Abbot and a grunt weren’t primed yet) and a min unit of Warspears.  I like how they came out overall.  So far.  Of course once I get to the rest of the models and the details, I’m thinking it’ll look even better (at least that’s what I’m banking on).

I also started to lay down the gold on the swords as I’ve found that that actually takes quite a bit of time to get looking good.

Which takes me to my next point:  Getting my bases to look good…

Secret Weapon Lava Flow bases with water effects
Secret Weapon Lava Flow bases with water effects

As you can see, I finally bit the bullet and bought some Lava Flow bases from Secret Weapon (although I’m still missing a40mm pack to complete my whole army).  Overall, I think they look awesome and can’t wait to get them on some models, but I had this great idea of putting water effects into the cracks (where the lava is) so I also picked up a bottle of the Realistic Water.  Now maybe I’m just doing some thing wrong as I have never worked with water effects before or maybe I’m too impatient (although I’m giving them 24 hours to dry as it states on the bottle) but they are not coming out like I had hoped.  When it dries (this pic was taken shortly after applying another layer of water), it shrinks a bunch and with a hole or two, which I assume is from air bubbles (eventhough I take care to stop/pop those).  So I have to do multiple layers to get a decent effect.  I’m also applying the water straight from the bottle.  On the two bases on the left, I applied a wash of 2:1 blue ink/brown ink, let that dry and then applied the water.  Not sure I like that either….

If anyone has any experience with water effects….HALP!!


3 thoughts on “[Slow Grow 2013] Slow, slow progress…”

  1. Have you tried using actual water? It’s more realistic than anything else because it is water. Most importantly, it’s dirt cheap so you don’t have to worry about it spilling or evaporating.

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