[Slow Grow 2013] A flock needs a Shepard!

Nyss Shepard
“I see you.”

After reading about Plarzoid’s plan’s for his Highlander lists for the first weeks of Slow Grow, it got me thinking about mine.

Now I don’t have a ton of models to choose from as far as Legion goes, but this format shouldn’t prove a problem for me.  The biggest issue I would have had was the one light/heavy beasts as I only have 3, one of whom is a character which I think is not allowed (Typhon).  I had originally planned on doing:


  • -Scythean
  • -Nephilim Soldier
  • Minimum Warmongers
  • War Chief

The problem with that is I thought the Soldier was 4 points when he’s actually 5, which puts me 1 point over…Welp, time to switch it up and paint up some of my other solos I have availible, either the Succubus or the Shepard.  I’m sure you’ve guessed which one I chose.

I’m super happy with how she’s coming out.  I just need to finish her feathers and belt buckles.  At first she was really kind of intimidating due to her size and all those little details.  Plus I had no idea on the color scheme yet for any other models besides Ogruns.  But I just dived in and next thing I know here she is, almost completed.  Enjoy the pics!

Oh and I should be getting my bases in the mail soon, so I can finally ‘complete’ some models and make them playable!

Gallery Time!


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