[Slow Grow 2013] Ogruns, take two.

warmonger leader
“Bring it.”

After showing you my previous attempts at Ogrun, I went back to the drawing board (kinda) and reworked the skin on them this past weekend.  Behold the fruits of my labors! 

Much better, much cleaner. Just a spot or two of final highlights needed on this guy (blight spikes and the skulls).  The other two are also about done, just needing to do the Rucksack Tan blight parts on them.  The previously painted one is soaking in Simple Green at the moment, and I’ll paint him alongside the fourth Warmonger in order to max out the unit.

warmonger leader 3
It’s blurry because the camera man began to run away.

These were  done in between some prep work on the Swordsmen and building Rhyas herself.  Also in between painting coat after coat of Rucksack tan on the Scythean.  It has a ton of plating on it and it takes at least 5 good coats to get a solid tan color.  It’s a bit of bore at the moment…

warmonger leader 2
Last one.

Oh, in other related news, I finally decided on how to base them, going with Secret Weapon’s Lava Flow bases.  Now I’m just waiting on receiving them.


3 thoughts on “[Slow Grow 2013] Ogruns, take two.”

  1. I’m digging the new painting on this model, it is much cleaner. Did you airbrush the skin any or is it all brush painting?

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