The trouble with Ogruns…

Legion Warmonger WIP
Liking the metal…disliking the skin…

Moving on from the Nephilim Soldier featured earlier this week, let’s talk Ogruns and the trouble I’m having with mine.

The reasons for working on an Ogrun model and the Nephilim at the same time I explained in a post long ago (basically the two have all the elements I need to try out).  Originally I went with the warchief but for whatever reason switched it up to this warmonger grunt.

Let’s start with I do like:  The metal came out well.  This is because I used the process I did on Kallus with some added (minor) tweaks.  It’s a pretty low tech method, but I can’t argue with results.

I did try a new way of doing things on the warchief at the same time but as you can see below, it looks like crap.  The metal is way too dark (you can barely even see it in the picture), which pretty much ruins the whole thing. Washes do nothing but exacerbate the problem.

ogrun metal comparison

The overall color scheme is alright too I guess.

Now what I hate:  The skin.  Also not crazy about how the fur is coming out.  But back to the skin, I’ve already chronicled my changes I’m making to my Legion skin (this model used the older Reaper Light Blue I mention and you can see some of the issues with the washes I mentioned on the pic above and the one way below). As far as the fur goes, I found a method that I like and will be trying out here.

This guy will eventually be getting a dunk into a Simple Green bath in the future for a redo. Again.  His 4 other brethren should be posted here soon in some form or another however depending on how quickly I can finish this Scythean.


2 thoughts on “The trouble with Ogruns…”

  1. exasperate – to excite the anger of <- how you feel
    exacerbate – to make more violent, bitter, or severe <- because it was made worse.. 🙂

    Models look good mate.. dont be too hard on yourself.. the blue does look a little chalky tho!

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