Breaking back out the Legion for Slow Grow 2013!

The start of something monstrous?
The start of something monstrous?

Well kinda…

I believe it actually starts on July 8th or so, but I found out (or probably forgot) that anything painted since January counts for this year’s Journeyman League. Not sure if that means all that I’ve painted, or just what I’d doing for the Journeyman…either way, it’s time to break back out the Legion of Everblight!!

Whole lotta pics ahead…

As you may recall intrepid readers, I’ve posted about my Legion attempts in the past here, here, and here.  So let’s start with a look at the model that has gotten the most blog time: The Nephilim Soldier light warbeast.

Here he is in November 2012 after a few failed painting attempts (detailed in the posts linked above)…

From this in 2012…

And here he is as of last night.  This is another complete redo after a bath in Simple Green.

neph soldier 1 wip 2013
…and as of 2013.

As you can see, the main changes are color related.  I am still struggling with how to properly do skin technique-wise, but I think I am getting there at least as far as a base goes.  I am using some new colors this time around.  I had an idea with P3 Blue Ink (which I’ve yet to implement on this model), but when I went to get some at the LGS, I saw this awesome blue from Vallejo called Andrea Blue and I quickly snatched it up.  Gone is the Reaper Light Blue I was using before.  I feel like the Reaper blue didn’t like to be shot through an airbrush as it tended to come out ‘chalky’ and it also reacted weirdly to the washes I tried (GW violet wash and the P3 Blue Ink one I made).  Either way, I find this new blue more visually interesting anyway so I’m not broken up about it.

Here's a pic of him just after airbrushing the skin.
Here’s a pic of him just after airbrushing the skin.

The other big thing I was struggling with was the chitin armor.  It only appears on three models in the army, but it’s quite prominent.  I like what I have some far now.  It doesn’t have the striped look of GW Tyranids, but I didn’t like how that was coming out so I re-based in Rucksack Tan and went another way.  I think it contrasts better with the new blue.

The sword is coming out pretty good too...
The sword is coming out pretty good too…

Metals still need finishing touches, not much more to say about them. Another wash or two and some highlights ought to do it.

Final problem, which isn’t really exclusive to this model but to my Legion as a whole, is how to base them.  I feel like I now longer like the cork bases I made for some of them. Here they are again on Kallus and a medium based model:

Basing woes.
Basing woes.

If any one has any ideas on this front, please let me know! I’m all ears!  I’m this close to just biting the bullet and getting some Dragon Forge bases, but at the same time, I’m trying to cut my hobby expenditures and to get this whole army based would get expensive (it’d be around a third of what I paid to acquire the whole thing!).

And that’s going to do it for this post.  Not sure my schedule for the rest of this week, but I hope to find some time to finish this guy up.  Also, in the next post, I’ll be talking Ogrun!

Any comments, critiques, or criticisms are really appreciated, just sound off in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


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