Storm before the calm?

2 out of 5 ain't bad I guess...
Super IKRPG Bros. 2 out of 5 ain’t bad I guess…

Above is a pic from last night’s IKRPG session.  Zac got his PC painted up and it looks ace!  Now that leaves just 3 more before I can get that group picture…

I know I’ve been lax in updating these past few months. Part of that was just life in general and recently it’s been because I’ve been swamped in commission work.  Not that I’m complaining. It is what funds this addiction hobby.  I have 3 that are in the homestretch at the moment, I hope to have them all done by no later than this Saturday.

After those are done, I’m going to take some time to focus on my own army mans, like getting my Legion Rearguard ready for the Slow Grow/Journeyman league that usually hits during the summer months. That way whenever it begins, all the prep work like priming, making bases, pinning, greenstuffing, etc, is all done and all I have to do is just pick up and paint.

I also have another little project I have in the works that I’m taking at a very slow pace…

Oh yes.


2 thoughts on “Storm before the calm?”

  1. They look awesome. Looking to start up an IKRPG weekly session with my buddies as soon as this season of Game of Thrones ends (since it’s the only time we can guarantee we’re all together with our busy schedules ><). This has me even more excited to get my character model made!

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