Sigh…Another Kickstarter has grabbed my attention: Arena Rex!

Well, I say another like I’ve dumped loads of cash into tons of Kickstarter projects, when in actuality I’ve only done one (Relic Knights) so far and I’m splitting the basic bundle deal they did with someone.  Anyway, here is another new game that has really caught my attention lately: Arena Rex.

I am super in love with the art and what I’ve read about the gameplay.  It really seems like a quick skirmish game that would be a nice diversion for me.  I also love damn near all of the characters revealed so far, a rare feat for miniature games in regards to me, so that’s another point in its favor.  They only have one mini ready (Aquila) but gdaybloke previewed it and also I found this paint article on it and it looks pretty ace.

Be sure to check it out in the links above!

EDIT: They just released a gameplay video, yup this sealed the deal for me, I’m going in:

6 thoughts on “Sigh…Another Kickstarter has grabbed my attention: Arena Rex!”

  1. Arena Rex does look pretty sweet.
    The ‘fatigue as a negative modifier that must be managed’ mechanic-thingy is very interesting. And, y’know, cool figs never hurt, neither…

    1. I really like the pace of it. It seems like both players will always be engaged, rather than waiting one one player to do his whole turn.

      Oh and those models….mmmm….

  2. I’ve seen the ads for this Kickstarter around the gaming blogosphere but had managed to avoid them thus far. Taking a second look and watching the video has made me consider a bit more. Don’t know that I’ll go in for yet another system, but a game that really only needs 5-6 models and has (what looks like) a quick and interactive play style is certainly enticing.

    1. While it’ll definitely be a side game to WM/H, I am just loving the art so much. I like pretty much everything they’ve show, except for maybe one guy. And the gameplay certainly looks interesting.

      I’ve gone in for the Magnus level at the moment. Not sure ill go any higher yet, although it is tempting. I guess if the next stretch goals get crazy, I MAY make the leap…

      As it stands now, I’m looking at getting:
      and not sure about my last choice…maybe Viatrix…

      1. I like that it seems designed as a side game/time filler. I saw a typical game estimated at around 30 minutes, which is great if you don’t have enough time for a “regular” game at the end of the night. I plan to use all the available time to give myself opportunities to change my mind, but it’s not looking good for the wallet. I’m leaning towards a LM theme (Hermes and Viatrix mostly) but there’ll be time to consider before final choices are in.

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