Painting table update!

Bane Lord Tarturus - I hate you.

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in commissions lately, so I figured I’d show them here as to give you guys a break from the usually Menoth-centric offerings.

First up is a figure we all love to hate: Bane Lord Tartarus.  This lot is actually for a local player as he gears up for Lock and Load this year, and includes a handful of solos.

I think I’m most proud of how is armor came out.  I think it’s perfectly suited to Cryx’s “I don’t give **** ’bout no tarnish” style.


cryx commissions
A cyborg in Cryx? Who knew?

Darragh Wrathe is also coming out particularly well.

Khador group
Amazingly, the soliders around Butcher are still alive…for the moment.

Next up we have a gang of Khador.  I never got to paint epic Butcher for my Khador (not owning him probably got in the way).  Two field guns sounds like a good time though!

Next is for another local player, this time Old Witch and Scrapjack.  Old Witch is just packed with details and is an awesome sculpt.

And finally, a lowly Gorax from Circle Orboros.  I needed to practice skin and muscles and also armor plates for them, and this guy has all of those elements in spades.  I am especially proud of how his skin ended up coming out.  I accidentally painted his nose, but everyone on the forums seems to like it (Meg Maples said it’s the best looking Gorax she’s seen *squeee*) so maybe I’ll leave it as is.

Circle Orboros Gorax
I nose what you’re staring at!!

2 thoughts on “Painting table update!”

  1. Really like what you did with that Gorax. Looks like you used the airbrush for the skin sections….no? Would you mind sharing your color progressions? I have a classic metal feral warpwolf sitting in the basement I have been meaning to get to but I haven’t come up with a color build I like yet. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks, I did use the airbrush for the skin. As far as the colors used, their were 4 and I’ll try to remember them:

      VGC Flat Brown >> Bloodstone (I think) >> Reaper Golden Shadow >> P3 Rucksack tan

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