Side Project! Deathwing WIP model

deathwing terminator
Deathwing up in da Space Hiz-ulk!

This is actually a month or two old, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

As revealed in this post, I’ve started on a Dark Angels Deathwing force for Warhammer 40K.  While the desire to play that game pretty much evaporated lately as our league season has kicked back into gear,  I still have the models that I like and they are all already basecoated (basically 10 terms and stuff to make a Beliel).  It didn’t seem like much to get them painted up and to give me a break from the assorted Warmachine stuff on my painting table.  There is just now no rush to get them done.

This is one of those models.  The only thing left on him is his gun, which I guess I completely forgot about.  Overall I really like the way he came out. I haven’t given him the oil wash I thought I would be giving them yet and I’m not sure I want to now that he’s pretty much done.  I tried it on a test terminator and I’m not so sure it came out so great, and it seems to have tinted the whole model…

What do you all think?  What can I do to make him better?

One thought on “Side Project! Deathwing WIP model”

  1. Looking good, the eyes and lenses especially. I always want to try out the glow effect and then chicken out before I do. Other than finishing up the gun I’d suggest doing something with the heraldric shield. It kinda fades into the rest of the armor around it, but if you gave it a red or green backing then it’d pop a bit more. Some folks will cry Christmas tree foul but I think red and green go together like lamb and tuna fish. Or spaghetti and meatballs if you’re more comfortable with that analogy.

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