Super Dervish Bros!

Dervishes, Fire of Salvation, and Feora.
And who might that be in the back?

Today I bring you my Dervish twins.  Lately I guess a fire as been lit under me (pun firmly intended) when it comes to painting my Menoth army.  I think it comes from inputting them in’s collection manager and then promptly seeing that despite what it looks like on my shelf, I only have around 50% of my Menites painted.  This can not stand!

I will end 2013 with that around 85% at least.  There’s plenty of time left in the year for this to be possible, although this year’s Slow Grow/Journeyman may get in the way…hmm…actually make that at least 75%.

Anyway back to these guys…I painted both at once which is not something I do with warjacks due to the size of them and my wanting to see progress so I don’t get discouraged while painting them.  These two are slightly smaller than the average light warjack and quite a bit thinner (thus more nimble?) so painting them took next to no time and didn’t give me enough time to get bored because by the time I was growing weary of painting one color, it was done and time to move on.

I’ve only just started using then and I believe they work best in pairs in order to maximize your investment (even if they are only 4 points a piece).  I learned early on from Blood of Martys that sidestep on a jack can be straight money, which is what drew me to pick up these two.


Give me a piece of your mind (mmm your delicious, delicious mind...).

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