[IKRPG] My character model WIP & some artwork!

Tonight is Chapter 6 of our ongoing IKRPG game!

The story is really starting to gain some intrigue and I’m excited to see where it is all going.  I feel like I am starting to get the hang of RPGing finally.  But this post isn’t really about that, it’s about Rohan, my character!

Our GM sent us a character questionnaire over the weekend which I think was a great boon for getting into not only the story a bit more as it gave us a chance to really flesh out our character’s backstory, but get in the mindset so to speak of our characters.  It also really got me hooked on finally starting to put together my character’s model.  Up until this point I have been using whatever assassin-ish model has been available, notably one of my Nyss Hunters.  That was all well and good (as I love my Nyss Hunters and the paint job I did on them), but I really wanted to make myself a unique model.  That’s half the fun right?

Lots of text and pics follow, including some character art drawn by yours truly!

So let me tell you a little about my character, Rohan Larisar.

Rohan is a Nyss from the Frozen Blade Shard. The Shard is named for a sect of ‘warrior monks’ that devote themselves to mastery of (as the name implies) the blade (claymore) and magics.  Steeped in mysticism and ritual, this shard produces a higher concentration of magically gifted Nyss than most of the others and many extremely adapt magic wielders and swordsmen.  It is also seen as more isolationist, even by Nyss standards.  Rohan is a Journeyman of the sect.  While this implies that he is young and inexperienced, this is far from the truth.  Due to the natural longevity of the Nyss, he is actually over a century old, but becoming a master or one of the Eight can easily take centuries. Ranking is not something that is taken lightly. (ranks are from lowest to highest: Leaf, Neophyte, Journeyman, Master, one of the Eight Corners).  The Eight Corners are eight elders that lead the Shard and each one represents a cardinal direction of the wind (N, S, E, W, NE, etc..).  I plan to expand on his story and how he came to be where he is, but know that he is a refugee in human lands.

I wanted to have him wearing the traditional Nyss armor, but with some embellishes so show his status and to reflect his swordsmanship.  This also fed into the pose.  He wears the hood of a traveler and I tried to sculpt a fur collar, which I think came out pretty well.  Well…a lot better than I thought it would…He has changed a bit since the last time I previewed him so many moons ago in this post back in Nov 2012!  All that is currently missing is his claymore, but I’m going to enlist Plarzoid for his expertise once again (you’ll never be rid of me Plarz!!) for getting the hilt drilled in.  the drill bits I have are once again too big.  So he won’t be painted for tonight’s game, but for sure next session!

Also thanks to Plarz for providing our whole group with some sweet city bases!

Rohan model WIP
The Silver Surfer! IKPRG style!

The idea I’m currently leaning towards for the paint scheme is to mimic Amon’s from Legend of Korra.  I am a huge fan of the Avatar series, the universe, and especially bending (being a life long fan of martial arts in general).  I recently watched the whole series with the wifey, and was just struck at how very awesome Amon’s look and silhouette is.  It actually matched Rohan’s even though that was not my initial intention.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll incorporate the mask into his look as well!

Amon. You Magnificent Bastard.
Amon. You Magnificent Bastard you.

And finally I wanted to show you a sketch I did for my connection in the story, Meryll Hallyr.   As part of our first level up, our GM put the restriction that we had to create a connection for ourselves.  I talked with him regarding a character I had in mind and some ideas, and we just clicked.  I think she’ll be integrated into the story as a regular character and she has her own sort of character arc as well.  The initial thoughts I jotted down as I was thinking about were:

  • Female Nyss
  • street savvy/world wary
  • Carries herself like a Femme Fatale, always calm and collected, never letting on more than she thinks is necessary.
  • Knowledge is power to her, so she herself is a relatively weak fighter, but can still fight (she uses daggers and throwing knives type weapons?).  More of a flight, rather than fight responder though, live to fight another day and all that.
  • Has a web of informants/contacts/etc on the streets from a variety of races and occupations.  It would seem she has contingency plans to blackmail/deal with lots of them and that’s how she survives?

With that in mind, I put pencil to sketchbook.  So straight out of said sketchbook (literally), I’d like to present…

IKRPG connection - Meryll Hallyr
Beautiful. Smart. Deadly.

I’d love to here any comments you may have!


2 thoughts on “[IKRPG] My character model WIP & some artwork!”

  1. Love it! Good art work. Look forward to hearing what your group is doing. I have been getting into the IKRPG quite bit myself. I have made like five PC’s but I am running two.

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