Menoth Bastion Seneschal spoiler pic!

Dem pauldrons!

EDIT: Aaaaand it looks like he’s now on Privateer Press’ official site.

Looks like has spoiled the next solo that Menoth is getting in the next book.  Not stats, but at least what he looks like, which is a-okay with me as Menoth tends to come last on the reveals.  Look pretty effin’ awesome, but $25 for one guy!?

Eh, I’ll probably still get one because I love Bastion/Cinerator armor and it keeps with my Exemplar force.

What do y’all think?

Oh and the spoiler stats for Lylyth3 have also apparently appeared on the interwebz.


4 thoughts on “Menoth Bastion Seneschal spoiler pic!”

  1. If he’s 25 dollars he’ll be good. PP is smart about that stuff. Things people want they usually charge a little more.

    1. I also forgot how big Seneschals (and Bastion armor) is and that he is metal. He’s really made me want to field an all medium base infantry army with my Menites. Don’t think people will see that coming 🙂

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