pFeora is almost ready to set the table tops on fi-yaaaaaaaa!

Got 99 problems, but a heretic ain't one.
Got 99 problems, but a heretic ain’t one.

Finally worked on a new warcaster.

With Templecon now over, I’m really looking forward to playing other casters that aren’t pKreoss or pSev.  I think for the rest of the year, I’m going to focus on other casters like Vindictus, Thyra, and basically any of the casters I haven’t often played because I was too worried about getting good with the ‘competitive’ casters.

I picked up pFeora at Templecon using the Iron Arena points I won, and once I sat down to actually paint her, it went by incredibly quickly. In her official picture online, there was something about the model I didn’t really like so she never jumped out at me, but having it in person completely changes my mind.  I think she’s awesome looking! She has a size and physical presence I think is perfect for a warcaster.

I really enjoy painting these ‘one-off’ models like warcasters and they always seem to come out as some of my best and also relatively quickly for me.

I haven’t used her on the table yet so I have no real sage wisdom to offer on that front. Yet…

Also as a bonus, here’s a shot I found on the Templecon website that someone snagged of my Vanquisher.  I didn’t know where else to put it.


5 thoughts on “pFeora is almost ready to set the table tops on fi-yaaaaaaaa!”

  1. I like the paint job. Is the exposed midriff supposed to be armour? I don’t really know anything about the lore of Warmachine but it looks a bit odd to put a bellybutton in your suit of armour. Or does Feora have bronze skin? I’m always glad to see ‘in action’ shots of models, especially when they show off such a nice miniature.

    1. Glad you like it!

      Yeah I think the exposed midriff is part of her armor (just like her face is also). At least that’s how I painted them. I think it has a very Roman Legionnaire vibe to it, but ladylike with the flowing robes and stuff, but then you have the juxtaposition of the huge upper armor she has.

  2. Hey there Volt! Been a follower of the blog for a bit. You do great painting and the content in general is well organized and a blst to read. Big greetings from another Warmachine fan down here in Mexico!

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