Side Project Time! Enter the Deathwing…


Nope, I’m not jumping ship.

Now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to start showing you a side project I am going to be be working on soon.  I’ve noted before that I’ve been a fan of the grimdark for awhile now, but I’ve never wanted to get any of the models, much less field an army…until now.  I’ve alluded to this project in my last post, as it seems my love for the thematic and sci-fi have finally come to a head with the thought of doing a Dark Angels Deathwing force.

For those unfamiliar with the Deathwing, they are the First Company of the Dark Angels space marine chapter.  What makes them special from other space marine chapters is that their First Company is comprised entirely of [awesome] Terminator suits of armor.  The also sport a nifty bone-white scheme compared to the dark green of the rest of the chapter.  Being able to field an armor of nothing but Terminators is seriously appealing to me.  Don’t really know how it plays on the table top, but the visual is enough for me.  Plus having an elite army of only like 10-20 models sounds kinda cool to me too.

Today I’m going to show you one of the Terminators I’ve started and the various stages of airbrushing I’ve done to him thus far.

First I’m going to start with a Terminator from the recent Dark Vengence set.  I was able to get two sets of these guys for ca-razy cheap, hence what started me down this road.  I started by priming this guy “grey” with Vallejo primer.  I put grey in quotes because the primer I used actually was more white to me, but whatevs, it still works for what I’m going for.

Deathwing stage 1
Deathwing stage 1

I laid down a healthy coat of VMC Flat Brown that I am using for my darkest shadows.  After doing these guys like this, I watched a video from Schnauzerface where he painted this same guy except he used P3 Thornwood Green in order to tie them to the normal Dark Angels scheme.  I am not a clever man.

Deathwing stage 2
Deathwing stage 2

Next I hit it from the top in a zenithal priming style with a Reaper color, Golden Shadow.  It’s a bit of a dark-ish khaki/sand color.  The idea was to start lightening it up, while still leaving the darkest areas alone.  I guess this would be my..second set of shadows?

Deathwing stage 3
Deathwing stage 3

Time to break out the trusty P3 paints!  I started with P3 Menoth Base, spraying so that it only started to catch the highest ridges of the armor.

Deathwing stage 4
Deathwing stage 4

Next is P3 Menoth Highlight.  I did the same as with Menoth Base, but from more focused angles as it would be for the brighter parts of the armor.  At this point I thing it could be considered done, but I wanted to go whiter…

Deathwing stage 5
Deathwing stage 5

So I hit the highest areas with P3 Morrow white in order to add that final oomph. This last picture wouldn’t come out no matter how hard I tried, which more shows you the schizo personality of our camera.

Welp, that’s going to do it for this post.  Coming up next is that this guy is going to get an oil wash using Winsor Newton Van Dyke Brown.  If my test model is anything to go by, that should drop the tone just a little bit to where I really want it.  I’ll have more of these guys to post soon enough once I get further along on them.

What are your thoughts so far?  Any airbrush power users out there care to offer any tips?

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