A quick shot from my IKRPG game…

Hawk's Urban IKRPG board
Just a small set up for us…

I just wanted to share this quick pic I snapped Monday night at our IKRPG night that just started up.  Unfortunately, our GM is really not into it that much…I mean he only put together this ridiculous urban board to represent Riversmet complete with sound effects, music, and props…sigh…I guess this will do…

This game actually started like 5ish months ago, but real life got into the way and had to be postponed until now.  We intend on meeting now about every other Monday.  I actually had an idea of creating a series on this blog of each of our sessions, like a chapter of a book after each session.  Each one would be written from my character’s perspective and feature some hand-drawn/painted art.  What do you think?  Since that’s in the works, I’ll hold off on what actually happened for now.  I will say this takes place 2-3 years after our first session and we have gained a player.

3 thoughts on “A quick shot from my IKRPG game…”

  1. Nice board. That’s a lot of work to go to for an RPG!

    I’d be interested in reading blogs of your gaming sessions, as it’s always nice to get ideas from other people.

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