Templecon 2013 & Me. [Plus a Pic Dump!]

My first Templecon has come and gone and I gotta say it was a real good time. A whole group of the NoVA Nomads made the trip to represent which I think helped a great deal in making it a crazy fun trip.

I ended up forgetting my camera (of course!) so the only pics I have are from my cell phone. I also ended up only doing the Hardcore, which was fine by me as I had just as much fun (or more) just chilling out in the Iron Arena. So how’d I do there? Did the pKreoss list bring home the bacon?

Find out after the jump. Oh and a big photo gallery too!

How the Hardcore Tournament went for me…

  1. The first round I played a Mercs player with Shae and the Galleon. I got second round assassinated by the Pirate cannon and some Mules. Besides killing Kreoss, he killed a single errant. This player would go on to win the Mage Hunter award for the whole event (and I think 3rd or 4th place). I felt bad until I saw this to be a common thing in round one, as it happened to both guys on either side on me. I think only 1 or 2 games went to dice down the first round. The next rounds would take much longer.
  2. Second round was versus Jeff (one of my Templecon roommates and a local player). He were playing pretty much the same list. I think we ground it out but pSev was camping behind a wall and I couldn’t touch him. I do remember that I rolled quadruple sixes on a charge this game. I was confident this game was a win and overextended pKreoss and got him killed.
  3. Third round against Danny (my other Templecon roommate and local player) who I play quite a bit as he lives down the street basically from me. However, I’ve never played the eHaley/double Stormwall list. Welp, long story short…eHaley feated…and good night sweet prince.
  4. Fourth was against Saeryn and a fleet a flying beasts. I think the only non-flying things he had were Saeryn and 2 shepards. His Angelii and Sorceresses were doing a number on my stuff and pretty much nullified my feat, but I came back from behind and killed all his beasts but a harrier so he put Saeryn in a desperate assassination attempt (ended up doing 3 DMG to pKreoss), but then she caught a Judicator fist to the face at dice +8. Either way I still had a lot of stuff to dominate where he only had Saeryn and a half dead harrier.
  5. Last round vs Mortenebra and nothing but jacks and sirens. I went on the offensive early and killed a lot of his pieces, until he had only a Harrower (?) left in melee with Judicator. Judicator was set to charge Morty, if not I had a Reckoner on tap. He was toast. I had also put about 8 or so damage on Morty earlier. Then some freezing cold dice on my part meant that the Harrower lived, getting ghostly and he was fully loaded on souls. Victory was snatched from me again.

Final Quick Thoughts

Overall a lot of fun, I had some of the hottest dice I’ve ever had and some of the coldest (whole lotta 1,1, 2s when I boosted) the whole weekend. The lists in the HC were also a ton more varied than I imagined as there was only one eHaley/double stormwall and bart/double Galleon IIRC. A lot of Galleons overall though, which also surprised me because, didn’t it come out like on Wednesday?

It was awesome meeting and playing some many different players and armies. I think my skills have increased quite a bit and I even walked away with a new warcaster (pFeora) to try out from the Iron Arena!

Will I go again?

Without a doubt, especially if my homies Zac, Danny, Jeff, Brendon, and Matt go again. Hint, hint guys.

Peep the gallery!

5 thoughts on “Templecon 2013 & Me. [Plus a Pic Dump!]”

  1. Hey buddy Nog here. Glad to get the chance to meet you in person. I meant to get a photo of your hardcore force but working on 2 hours sleep I forgot. You played one of my boys in round one. His list was designed to do exactly what you encountered. He went 3-2 and the three wins resulted in 1 model, 1 model, and no models killed other than the warnoun (think he finished ~10th overall). Hopefully we can get a game next year. Keep up the great work. Whats on the painting table next?

    1. Likewise! Next year we’ll have to get a game in! Trolls remain the only army I have never played against (weird how that worked out:/)…

      As far as the painting table…I’m not sure. I’m taking a bit of a break I guess at the moment and enjoying not having any deadlines looming over me. There are a couple of things I’d like to do however. I need to go back and clean up those models I did in a hurry for templecon for sure. I also want to try some new techniques like oil washes, so be on the look out for those attempts here. I also have a few Deathwing models I want to do (the victims of said technique trials). Oh and whenever our local slow grow happens again, I can finally do my Rearguard list!

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