Filthy Swans…

This is a really cool pic though…

Sigh…I can believe I’m featuring more filthy swans on my blarg…

This time is a couple of commissions/works for my friend Danny, who is also working on getting his Templecon Hardcore list painted (a list I’m sure to see a lot of, the dreaded eHaley/double Stormwall list).

I mentioned in yesterday’s post how we had a night of painting to try and focus us on getting our lists done (with more possible in the future),  but I was also able to help Danny with some airbrushing techniques.  His eHaley hadn’t even been touched yet, languishing as bare metal.  I could not let this stand, ever if it was eHaley…

Danny showed me this picture from the Prime rulebook and told me that is how he wanted his Haley to look.  I thought it would actually be fairly easy to accomplish, so set about to getting it done.

Here’s how she came out.  She is still missing the details and metals, but I’ll leave that to Danny.

I hate you eHaley.
I hate you eHaley.

Not bad right?  What do you guys think?

I am also working on his Black 13th.  Here is Goggles (Watts).

Watts AKA Goggles guy.
Watts AKA Goggles guy.

2 thoughts on “Filthy Swans…”

    1. Yeah! Although he needs it more than I lol Last night I was able to get most of the Judicator finished up so it now assembly time and he is done, so he should be making his tabletop debut this Thursday barring anything crazy!

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