…Progress of the Judicator continues…

Menoth Judicator.jpg…to.meeeee….

Work continues on my Judicator in preparation for Templecon. It’s a definite centerpiece model and a part of my Hardcore list, so it needs to be done by then…

I’ve painted one before as a commission for another player so mine, although it is in a different scheme, is going by relatively quickly. What you see is the product of two days of work. If I keep up at this clip, getting it done with time to spare so I won’t have to stress so much on my other stuff is possible.

How is it on table you may wonder? Well so far I’ve only used it with pSev, but it does not disappoint. No frills is the way I would describe it. It doesn’t do or have a lot of the cool crap that the other colossals/gargantuans have, but it is effective in its simplicity.

Well enough blogging for tonight, there’s more gold to be painted…

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