For lunch today? Exemplar Errants!

With Templecon 2 months away, I figured it’s high time I got to work on painting the models that will eventually make up my Hardcore list. I hate feeling pressured with painting…

So today I’m going to try something different. I brought in my Errants to start on during lunch. I figured I can get a good 30 minutes in, since I always bring my lunch.

If this works out, I’m going to be focusing on one color a day, particularly gold and red as I hate painting those two…i figure this will get them done faster than doing them at home, since by the time I get home, I usually don’t feel like doing the assembly line thing.

What ways have you come up with in order to get some painting done?

Give me a piece of your mind (mmm your delicious, delicious mind...).

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