Progress on Druid Gone Wilder & Nephlim Soldier

I really need to get a new camera :/

Slowly but surely the painting table is getting worked on…

Today I have for you the latest on two of the projects I chronicled earlier: The Druid Wilder and the Nephlim Soldier!

I’ve got pretty much the entire Druid basecoated and some highlights have started to go in.  The Woldwrath head is completed and came out great I think.  The rest, weeeellll…Something seems off to me but I can’t put my finger on it.  Perhaps you see what I don’t or can give me some pointers?

Nephlim Soldier WIP

Next up is the Nephlim Soldier, I haven’t done much on him, but I have the skin about 95% complete and am pretty happy with it so far.  The ice blue really was the right choice.  His teeth also came out fantastic and really shows me that I am gaining quite a bit of brush control.  I’m torn on what to paint the wraps however (damn my indecision!).  Overall, I am extremely happy with this model now so far and happy in the direction he’s going.

That’s it for today’s progress post!  Feel free to give any criticisms or comments on either one, I listen to all of them!

Check out the gallery below for more pics!

3 thoughts on “Progress on Druid Gone Wilder & Nephlim Soldier”

  1. Not such a bad nephilum yourself over here. thanks for the complement… feel free to copy the NMM sword style its not too hard really.. just get used to using greys instead of metalic paint. i think it ends up looking much better… plus a lot of times people just dry brush metalics and they come off looking really gritty instead of smooth and shiny… the maroon armor was a smart move… i think you should take you chitlin darker in some spots.. the coal black is a little greenish which is cool, but without going darker it looks really plastic? check out what i do with my chitlin and how i transition from brown to black.. in fact somewhere on LTC is a break down of my scheme search for raek and then go to the part 2 of the legion theme revealed… you should be able to transition from coal black to black very nicely. something much more 3D happens when you give it that little push… and i like what happens when the chitlin gets darker as it moves away from the flesh and body of the creature.. a lot of people make nails claws and spikes lighter as they go away from the beast but i think the opposite is where its at… good luck… glad i discovered this blog will check it out more frequently.. thanks!

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