Everyday I’m Shufflin’, Shufflin’! A Painting Table Update.

The painting table is never empty. A situation I’m sure many a wargamer is familiar with.

In my case, my table runneth over with models that need paint. I thought I’d share some of the projects I have going on and talk a little about where they’re heading, how they’re going, etc.  I never seem to stay on one project or model long, as I tend to shuffle between many at a time.  It prolongs the insanity, but at least I change up so often I don’t get bored!

Let’s start with the big mac daddy at the moment….the Menoth Battle Engine: The Vessel of Judgement!

vessel of judgement WIP
Vessel of Judgement WIP. Wobbly picture is wobbly.

Vessel of Judgement

I finally broke down and got a battle engine.  My friend Danny played no small part in swaying me on the Vessel’s awesomeness.  So  I blame him. I just received this guy last week and I couldn’t just let him sit in a box!  He needed to see the table asap, so I quickly worked to assemble him.  It was actually a fairly easy job to assemble buuuuut…let me tell you, the build quality seriously left something to be desired.  This is the first model I’ve gotten that I’ve actually been disappointed with.  The resin parts needed clean up which is no big deal.  All models need clean up so that’s not my complaint.  My complaint is the resin parts were really terribly cast or something.  They didn’t line up quite right, air bubbles all over the place.  The seams are really bad on the entire chariot part. Much green stuff work is going to need to be done before this model sees primer.  Fortunately the main pipe organ part was pretty much pristine, as were the metal parts and models.  The rest…

I did manage to play a game with it in this state however, in a Vindictus list and I am definitely sold on it.  It is great fun on the table. No doubt this will help get it painted faster.

STATUS:  Lots of work left to go.  This one may be awhile until we see more on this site as I want to finish up the next two projects first and it’s going to need a lot of green stuff gap filling done…

Druid Gone Wilder

Next up is the GenCon exclusive figure I got from my ninja shopper, the Druid Gone Wilder!

Druid gone wilder WIP
Druid gone wilder WIP. Getting a good pic of this thing is hard. It’s tiny…

This project actually isn’t for me, it’s for my wife.  She wanted a model she can put on her desk at work and she loved this one as soon as she saw it (I alternately suggested the new alternate Ashlynn model).  It is a really great little model packed with tiny details (which make it very hard to airbrush effectively).  I started to lay down some base coats, before I ended up getting sleepy.

STATUS:  Basecoats are 50% there.  The details are what is going to take some time…Although this one should be done soon though as it is at the front of my queue, along with…

Megazord Stormwall

I’ve featured the Stormwall I’m doing as a commission for local player Paul before.  Here it is just about done ready to perform all his crazy electro shenanigans…

megazord stormwall
The Megazord Stormwall. Done, but not quite to my liking…

Finishing this model was my hobby challenge for a badge in our Dark Secrets league and I managed to finish him just under the buzzer.  After letting him sit for a day or two (as I do with all my models), I gave him a once over again and noticed a few things I wasn’t happy with.  So I’m going to go back and finish them.  I’m going to be adding OSL to the coils as well as some grass to the base as I think it’s too big a space that is bare, especially in the front right quadrant. I actually completely missed the power node things on his waist as well as accidentally chipping it (he swivels at the waist and a piece scrapped wrong), so that needs to be done too.

STATUS:  Technically done, but not to my liking.  Going back and redoing or doing some details and OSL.  Expect a post soon with many pictures (better ones than this I promise).

Legion of Everblight! Rise of the Rearguard!

Last up for today, we have a new project I’ve been doing on and off (mostly off) for the last month or so.  It was kind of spoiled when I posted Kallus earlier.  Yes, I’ve delved into yet another army.  But I’m not switching completely to Legion just yet.  I wanted a Hordes army and was eying Circle due to playstyle, but then I came across the Rearguard theme force for Rhyas and I was sold.  It’s just an army that I think looks cool both thematically, being basically all ninjas and Oni, and on the table.  It includes just about all the Legion models I like and the list will also mesh well with another Legion caster I really like, Kallus.  I’m only building this army to 50 points since that’s what my group tends to play at these days, and at the moment am only missing a heavy warbeast (I’m thinking a Scythean) and four Swordsmen to max out their unit.  I’m building this one to be tons of quick, brutal melee attacks.

Rearguard Nephlim Soldier WIP
Rearguard Nephlim Soldier WIP

First up is the Nephlim Soldier light warbeast.  This model has actually been my test model while trying to figure out a scheme.  I think I’ve stripped him five times so far.  I’ve tried orange skin, yellow (pics incoming), red, purple-ish (didn’t take pics of these two tries unfortunatly) and different shading and washing before finally deciding that I really like this ice blue color with a dark purple detailing.  The armor will be P3 Sanguine Base because I love that color.  So basically they ended up drawing a lot of inspiration from my own Nyss Hunters, which makes sense since Legion are corrupted Nyss, so they would keep a lot of the same skin color and armor.  Just, you know, with more spikes and stuff.  I’m using the exact colors really, with some tweaking for the “blight”.  Plus I love my Nyss Hunters, they look awesome.

I was really trying to avoid aping the studio scheme, but the blue skin just works for me on some deeper aesthetic level.

(Why yes, that is a massive pile of Exemplar Errant bits.  The less said about them, the better 😉  I dread painting all those guys, but I really should since they tend to make up the backbone of almost all of my Menoth lists)

Rearguard Ogrun Warchief WIP
Rearguard Ogrun Warchief WIP

The other model I’ve been working on concurrently with the Nephlim Soldier is the Blighted Ogrun Warchief.  This is a model I loooove.  Working on these two side by side offers me a chance to work on improving some methods I have.  The Nephlim Soldier is for cloth, leather armor, and flesh, as it is mostly flesh, which is something I haven’t really had to deal with thus far save for faces, while the Warchief is for metal and fur.  These two models have all the elements in abundance that I’ll encounter on the rest of the army: flesh, metals, chitin, cloth, leather armor, and fur.  So once these two are perfect, I’ll just transfer what I learned to the rest of the army, which should then (theoretically) go by quickly. The method I came up with for the metals on the warchief, I transferred to the soldier and then finally to Kallus. To great avail on all three I think.

STATUS:  Waaaaaaaaay off.  I’ve vowed that this army absolutely will not see the table until they are fully painted.

Bonus: Revisiting my Menoth!

Oh, one more before I forget.  As you know, our Journeyman League wrapped up a little bit ago and I managed to get a lot of Menoth painted in just about 10 weeks or so (50% of my total Menoth collection according to forwardkommander.com’s collection tracker…not too shabby).  As the weeks went on, they began to be more and more hastily painted.  Many are tabletop quality, but not to my personal preference, so I’ll be going over all of them and fixing anything I feel needs it until I’m 100% (or at least close to) satisfied.  Oh and getting pictures of then all.  The pace I was pumping them out coupled with the league and other happenings made it hard to do so. I have a lot of catching up to do on that front.

Thanks for checking up on me!  What do you think and more importantly, what have you got on your painting table? Share in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Everyday I’m Shufflin’, Shufflin’! A Painting Table Update.”

  1. What’s on my table right now? Far too much. I think, for the near term, I am going to just try and clear out some almost-finished projects. That would be a min unit of Man O War, a Wold Warden and a Wold Watcher. Once they are done, I can (for a while) get back to work on the Mountain King, the Wold Wrath, a Malifaux crew, some Warlands vehicles, a couple of terrain projects etc that are all occupying a space on my tabe as well.

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