Intercessor Kreoss teaser pic! Argh…ya killin’ me PP!!

Intercessor kreoss teaser pic
Intercessor Kreoss teaser pic!

A twitter user asked for a pic of intercessor Kreoss (Threoss, eeKreoss, Kreoss3, whatevs) and Matt Wilson delivered! Kinda…

Looks like part of the 3D render of the final model, but something is better than nothing, especially when he is scheduled to come out in about a month.  But my sweet Menoth, he looks A.MAZE.ING. so far.  Much better than his epic version.  Let’s hope the rest of him is properly proportioned (unlike that eKreoss), but I have faith it will.

Argh, Privateer Press, you’re killin’ me!  I have a gift card to my LGS with his name on it already!


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