My first RPG experience or: How we went to Llael & got wrapped up in a mystery.

Last Thursday I had my first RPG experience.  I’ve always known of D&D but have never played it or thought of playing it.  But then this here Warmachine thing came into my life and it’s safe to say I’m hooked.  So when PP announced that they were doing an RPG set in the Iron Kingdoms and was heavily influenced by the game mechanics-wise, I jumped into the first group we had!

So how was our adventure? Pics and my character sheets follow!

Before we get into it, let’s talk characters.

Before the book was even out I already had like 4 character ideas marinating in my head, but in the end I finally decided on rolling with a Gunmage/Duelist, who was mainly inspired by one of my favorite models, Nicia.
My idea on the table was that this guy was just a really crazy mobile Gunmage, rushing in and out of combat, firing from all kinds of directions, almost like a blur.  I knew I wanted two pistols, acrobatics, gunfighter, and both Riposte and Return Fire, so that if you ever missed him, he was taking an attack against you.  Basically a crazy duelist.  While I can’t start with all that…I will build up to it.

Backstory and personality-wise, I wrote “Friendly, lackadaisical exterior hides cold & calculating personality” on my character sheet.  He’s more of “leaf upon the wind”, originally from Caspia, traveling across the Iron Kingdoms looking for adventure.  He’s recently latched onto an group from an Arcane Order located in northern Cygnar, and has been accompanying them on their recent magical misadventures.  He’s more of the “Action Jackson” of the group as I quickly found out when we played, as I was slightly impetuous to act. Actually thinking about it now as I write this, it really reminded me of Seeley Booth from Bones.  This wasn’t my original intention, but I think it’s a great foil to the rest of the group who I see as more like a group of traveling Arcane researchers.

With that below are the character sheets I ended up with in the beginning (this reflects +40gc from accepting our first job):

My IKRPG character
My IKRPG character, Javier Solis, Wandering Gunmage.

Now let me tell you a little about the others.  I don’t have their sheets with me, but I will be drawing their portraits (I think it’ll help immerse us in the game better) so I’ll have more information when I make that post, but as a quick rundown, we had:

  • Eeg, the Ogrun Alchemist/Soldier (I think the ‘e’ is silent)
  • A Storm Sorcerer/Thief
  • An Arcane Mechanik and his laborjack
  • A Warcaster/??

In our story we were investigating a mysterious object that was sickening a town in Llael.  I purposed we split our party in order t investigate further, but unfortunately we didn’t get very far in our findings on the mysterious object.  At one point I suggested loading up a Thunderbolt shot and seeing what shooting it did…

Soon we were beset on both sides of the town by a Khadoran force and a Menite force.  So we rolled through a couple turns of combat.  In the photos below, I’m the Nicia figure, Thags is Eeg, and one of the Black 13th was the Storm Sorcerer.  One big mistake that I made was I was under the assumption that with 2 guns in my hands I’d be able to fire twice a turn (a la Caine or Ryan).  Apparently this is not the case as that requires an ability. So sadly I was not the mobile damage dealer I had pictured in my mind.  The stone is the middle is the mysterious object and Scrapjack and the Mechanik inside the barn was our Arcane Mechanik.

A word on the combat:  it seems like it’s better to not get into combat as even the gruntest of grunts were wrecking me.  The only thing keeping me alive was using feat points to heroic dodge.

So how about you readers?  Have any of you tried out the new IKRPG?  How were your experiences?  I’d love to hear about them, just sound off in the comments!

3 thoughts on “My first RPG experience or: How we went to Llael & got wrapped up in a mystery.”

  1. Not yet but looking forward to it, getting ready to climb back into the dm’s chair myself and really looking forward to playing RPG’s again. I think I would want to play a gunmage as well.

  2. I’m really enjoying it. I’m running alternating campaigns with a buddy of mine so we both get to play. We run on Sundays with the same group of folks and rotate which game we’re playing.
    In mine, they’re a merc company operating out of Five fingers. They now have a healthy respect for Tharn as they’ve faced them twice and would have lost members if not for heroic dodge.
    In his campaign we’re a band of pirates with a letter of marque from Ord, sailing the Cygnaran coast, preying on ther Mercarian league and cryx vessels alike.

    Quite a bit of fun so far.

    One question, your character sheet appears to be a fillable form. Where’d you find it?

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