Kallus, the Wrath of Everblight is ready to take the field!

Kallus, Wrath of Everblight
Kallus, Wrath of Everblight

Just last week I posted a pic of the Kallus I began working on over the previous weekend.  In it I talked a little about the new methods I was trying out for metals.

I’ve been battling a bout of painting ADD lately after our Journeyman recently ended, so I’m very happy to report that he’s finally done once I was able to sit down and focus on him.  As you can see in the pics, this guy (in my opinion) came out superb!  I’m happy with the way the sword, the armor, his face, hell, even the base, came out!  And if you look closely (my camera couldn’t get it clearly in about ten or so tries), I even gave him a red pupil!  Like the kind that people have in their eyes! So that’s another first in this model!

Sadly however, he won’t really see the table until I finish painting my Rearguard list.  I have vowed to not place that army on the table until it is 100% painted.  Yes, Rearguard is a Rhyas theme force, but I managed to pick up Kallus for super cheap last Black Friday because I liked the model before I had even decided on rolling with Legion. I think he was something like $3.50-$4, so how could I turn that down?  It worked out anyway, because I also think he will work great with the models I have in the Rearguard list for a little bit of variety or spice when I need it.

Enjoy the gallery and as always, C & C is  greatly appreciated!



5 thoughts on “Kallus, the Wrath of Everblight is ready to take the field!”

  1. The skin and the hair add some really nice pop to the model.

    There is a lot of armor on the model. If you’re not done, you might consider adding some other color to either the cloth or some of the armor to break up the monotony.

    Is there some green in the gold sword?

    Could you show us a farther shot of the model sometime to see how it looks on the table as well?

  2. Looks really good for tabletop!

    Taking this further is a matter of increasing contrast. After washing, re-highlight, then extreme highlight.

    Taking this even more further, you’ll need to blend the shading in a smooth way until extreme shadows are almost pure black (for silver metals at least). Extreme highlights should be something like VGC Silver/GW Mithril Silver, possibly VMC Metal Medium (both for golds and silver).

    Then use glazes to add nuances to color. These should be at least 1:8, maybe even more, diluted, inks or paint. A mix of 1 drop blue or turquoise, 2 drops black ink will make good glaze for silver. For gold, you can use really strange glazes, I think Mike McVey describes in one old Warmachine book a mix of turquoise, red, brown and chestnut (or something) — tried it at that time and it looked stunning. A purple glaze is more standard and still interesting though.

    If a glaze kills highlights, re-highlight once more.

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