Vindictus, Reznik, and eFeora!

Always with a retinue of warjacks to escort her.

Last weekend I went to Huzzah Hobbies in Ashburn to play some non-competitive, easy going games.  I don’t usually go to this store and I now know why.  It’s crazy far from me.  Oh well, some of my group regulars were there that day, just shooting the breeze, painting and playing.  Some practicing for the upcoming Nova Open.

Anyway, Kevin managed to take some awesome pictures of my warcasters that I brought along.  These pics came out better than what my camera will ever take.  Enjoy!

“I’m the best at what I do. And what I do ain’t pretty.”

The night before I had just pretty much finished Vindictus minus a few details and basing.  I think he’ll be seeing a lot more tabletop from me.

I really love the Vindictus model and playstyle. He’s based now.

2 thoughts on “Vindictus, Reznik, and eFeora!”

  1. Dude I will say it again… I love your paint scheme! Those guys look great, will have to get a game in sometime of the slow grow. Also sorry for the dude…dude.

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